Data Science

Consolidating and scaling any data with the help of data science and analyst consulting services

Turn data into insights.

Modern businesses run on data. But too often, the data is fragmented and inconsistent, living in multiple systems across multiple departments. To use this asset to their greatest advantage, businesses need a proven partner who can help them consolidate and scale their data, turning it into actionable insights.

From Traditional BI to Predictive Analytics

ThoughtFocus Data Science Services blend strategy with deep data management and analytics expertise to help companies transform their data operations from traditional descriptive, diagnostic BI to predictive and prescriptive analytics.

Our unique advantage

With over 14 years of experience, ThoughtFocus will leverage its dedicated Center of Excellence for Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence to deliver an end-to-end data management and analytics strategy that provides:

  • A data model roadmap that starts with the big picture and drills down into detailed data model design
  • Dashboards and data visualizations that provide decision makers with key metrics and insights
  • Integration with leading self-service BI, analytics, and reporting tools
Advantage of Thoughtfocus


Optimize and scale your data operations

ThoughtFocus Data Science Services help organizations leverage their data for strategic business advantage.


Determine the right data architecture strategy: lift-and-shift, hybrid, or cloud-native.


Streamline development processes and future-proof deployment of machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) using containerized CI/CD and embedded analytics.


Automate time-consuming, data-related tasks including ETL conversation, testing, system management, and more using proprietary ThoughtFocus tools.

Data Privacy, Security, and Compliance

Employ the latest security technologies to ensure the data and business process migration to the cloud meets the strictest governance, security, and compliance protocols.


Integrate data and BI tools with existing systems, creating a cohesive environment that drives efficiency, reduces costs, and increases customer satisfaction.

Global Reach

Combine ThoughtFocus’ local, near, and offshore resources with on-site teams to deliver the right support across data management, analytics, and BI initiatives.