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The digital future of capital markets is here.
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Technology is radically reshaping capital markets. To remain competitive, leading firms must transform operations and embrace a digital future. But with over 75% of financial institution leaders reporting that the pandemic exposed shortcomings in their digital capabilities, it’s clear that many firms have a long way to go on their journey to a digital future.

Move fast – or be left behind

Stay ahead of the rapidly changing digital landscape, leading capital markets firms need a trusted partner by their side. That’s where ThoughtFocus comes in. Manage risk, reduce costs, and improve operational efficiency.

Our Unique Advantage

ThoughtFocus consultants have 100 years of collective digital capital markets experience across:

  • Hedge funds
  • Private equity
  • Real estate
  • Wealth and asset management

Our Expertise

We’re not just technologists. We’re domain experts, too.

ThoughtFocus consultants have a deep understanding of your industry along with technology expertise. It's this unique combination of skills and experience that enables ThoughtFocus to design solutions that give your firm the technological edge in the market place.

Data Governance Strategy & Operational Models

Scale your business by solving the challenges of collecting and presenting data from multiple sources and systems.

  • Manage data centrally with quality and accountability
  • Ensure data output is simple, secure, and scalable
  • Integrate technology, streamline business processes, and automate workflows

Waterfall Distribution Model Development

Overcome the complexity and absolute precision challenges of managing highly-complex waterfall distribution models.

  • Design and implement business workflows
  • Ensure accurate maintenance and updates of models
  • Automate manual processes and integrate with existing systems

Investor Portals

Streamline and automate document workflows, advanced analytics, and 24/7 access from remote and distributed locations.

  • Enable secure information sharing, communication, and document storage
  • Integrate seamlessly with external solutions
  • Provide a single version of the truth for all authorized users

Fund Management, Integration Strategy, & Workflow Design

Reduce business complexity and accelerate growth by simplifying and automating data structure and workflows.

  • Implement scalable workflows for centrally-managed data across multiple verticals
  • Eliminate manual processes and automate the allocation of investment returns
  • Integrate with CRM, fund and partnership accounting, and investor portals

Order Management System

Orchestrate the evaluation and selection process for order management systems (OMS)/execution management systems (EMS).

  • Identify, select, customize, and integrate the best-fit solution
  • Support buy and sell flows as well as trade flows
  • Implement risk and compliance solutions

Partnership Accounting

Simplify and automate complex partnership accounting processes, unify disparate data, and increase efficiencies across front-to-back operations.

  • Develop customizations and embed custom solutions
  • Integrate front-end systems with asset-driven subledger accounting systems
  • Consolidate and centralize data across downstream systems using data governance

Workflow Integration

Support the full lifecycle of fund management through the design and implementation of business process workflow.

  • Reduce redundancy
  • Unify disparate systems
  • Ensure consistent data across silos

Deals Management

Close more deals faster by digitizing and prioritizing offering memorandums, reducing manual processes, and streamlining deals management solutions.

  • Eliminate manual process and data workflows using custom cloud solutions
  • Integrate with fund accounting systems
  • Digitize, consolidate, and parse offer memorandum data using AI/ML technologies

Integration of Portfolio Accounting Systems

Simplify complexity and increase scale through integration of best-of-breed solutions and workflows across asset classes.

  • Gain a holistic view of data across asset classes
  • Automate manual processes and minimize risk
  • Increase speed and accuracy of reporting

Vendor Evaluation & Selection

Support the full, end-to-end process of vendor evaluation, selection, customization, and implementation.

  • Define detailed requirements across multiple capabilities
  • Produce a data and requirements matrix and vendor evaluation matrix
  • Deliver implementation services focused on integration and customization of the selected system


Reshape Your Future

Transform your business with expert-led services tailored for capital markets firms


Seamlessly scale and migrate your capital markets applications to the cloud.


Modernize capital markets through technology, process, and workflows.

Hybrid Captive

Balance transparency and cost across fund accounting and IT services.


Reduce operating costs and create new revenue opportunities.


Solve complex capital markets challenges at scale with integrated AI technologies.

Strategic Business

Identify and execute actionable growth strategies that propel your firm forward.


Accelerate Digital Transformation

Step into the digital future today with products that address the unique needs of capital markets.

Dramatically improve matching accuracy through an AI-powered rules engine.

Improve accuracy and save time with a machine learning-based OCR solution.

Speed responses to inquiries using an intelligent, AI-powered chatbot.