Discrete and Process Manufacturing

The challenges faced by manufacturers sound familiar to any business – increasing costs, lack of talent, overly complex processes, security lapses, and other hidden inefficiencies.

To make matters worse, the divide separating high performing manufacturers from their competitors is wide and deep. There is no shortage of data but making it useful is a whole different story. Let us show you how to make your data actionable - and delivered fast enough to enable rapid transformation of sub-optimal processes.

Unlock the Secret of Quiet Innovation in Manufacturing

Small steps clear the way for breakthrough ideas and drive category leadership. Innovation comes in many forms. Learn how a steady cadence of improvement can transform your organization – one small, quiet innovation at a time.

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For discrete manufacturers, there are many tools available to aid digitization. Whether adopting the basic elements of the smart factory such as robotics, control systems, manufacturing cells, MES, or simply embracing the improved productivity of semi-automated operations, with ThoughtFocus, all options are now on the table.

  • Cloud migration consulting and roadmap creation
  • Cloud application development & DevOps
  • CloudQA automation and DevOps
  • Cloud Analytics and data insight development (PowerBI and Snowflake)
  • Microsoft PowerApps

  • Core application development and QA (.Net, Java, Python)
  • UI Development (React/Angular/Vue)
  • QA Automation
  • Embedded Solutions
    • Validation, Verification, and Certification
    • Hardware and Firmware Development
    • IoT Solutions
  • Enterprise Application Support
    • SAP
    • Salesforce
    • PeopleSoft
    • IBM FileNet

  • AI/ML Bots for specific use cases
  • Data extraction and document scraping automation using OCR and ML bots
  • Chatbot for contact center use cases

  • Business Advisory and Strategy Consulting

  • Align transformation and value creation with amazing customer experiences
  • Create scalable operational capabilities that drive massive improvements in revenue, customer experience, and cost reduction
  • A continuous cycle of seeking opportunities to automate, optimize, eliminate, and transform


Customer behavior is changing. Modern consumers want personalization, now, delivered to their doorstep. Just a few years ago, innovative manufacturers are delivering unthinkable levels of personalization in lot sizes of one.

Back-office optimization makes this possible. Streamlining workflow from receipt of an order through to shipment as well as improved traceability and better identification of inefficiencies are driving dramatically improved utilization of resources.

Fueling these new found efficiencies are increased levels of vendor collaboration across the entire value chain.

Need help visualizing and prioritizing your technology roadmap? Want to understand how and when to invest. Let us show you how grow and how to make sure you are not left behind as the industry evolves.

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