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Profits Accelerated Online for a B2B E-Com Solution Provider


Future-proofing e-commerce operations

After identifying a distinct need within the market for an e-commerce solution with simpler identification and ordering of parts for large, complex manufacturing organizations, this company began its search for a long-term product engineering partner with manufacturing expertise. Bearing in mind the rapid, widespread uptake of e-commerce platforms, the company needed to partner with a forward-thinking and innovative company that would add value by identifying trends and developing state-of-the-art solutions, affirming position as a leader in B2B e-commerce for manufacturers, dealers, and distributors.


Strategic and development partner

ThoughtFocus developed a suite of e-commerce products, replacing outdated manuals and simplifying the spare parts ordering process. Within a year, the first e-commerce platform and e-catalog were launched and rolled out to the first customer, with ThoughtFocus managing all software development. The customer base grew in parallel with enhancements including analytics, an advanced user interface, and cloud-based functionality.



Orders Fulfilled


Catalogs Created


Unique Parts


Platform Generated

With strong collaborative cohesion between both companies at executive level, ThoughtFocus has become a true strategic and development partner.



ThoughtFocus develops e-commerce suite and e-catalog, which are rolled out to the first customer within a year.


Technological upgrades and release of software platform, followed by development of an SAP integration kit and launch of e-commerce analytics.


ThoughtFocus develops a complete OEM and e-commerce solution with cloud-based operations integrating with ERP systems.


Looking forward, ThoughtFocus delivers ongoing system support and continues to guide customer with its IT strategy and development needs.


01     Improved aftermarket sales and operations through e-catalog standardization and processing.

02     Data warehousing for easy and efficient handling of high data volumes, with analytics and reporting functionality.

03     Reduced costs and process complexity thanks to standardized processes in an end-to-end managed solution.

04     Greater customer retention and increased number of e-commerce platform customers.

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