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Optimizing, enhancing, and delivering superior customer experience for a leading provider of compliance solutions


Optimize and enhance user experience

Back in 2014, client was faced with decentralized and complex processes throughout its business, all requiring a great deal of manual input. Having recognized the need to automate and digitize its processes and embark on a digital transformation journey, it was looking for a long-term IT partner to execute and optimize processes, create an enhanced user experience, and support it with future, cutting-edge developments. This would also allow the safety and compliance company’s employees to focus on strategic projects and growing the business.


Unlocking value through automation

ThoughtFocus provided integrated business and technology services to automate and digitize the company’s processes, significantly reducing manual effort. To speed up their digital transformation, ThoughtFocus modernized its product landscape, migrated key applications to the cloud and harnessed powerful analytics to provide the company with deep insights into its clients, enriching the user experience.



Cost Reduction




Traffic Increase


Annual Revenue

Throughout the partnership, ThoughtFocus has continued to add value by contributing its technical and industry expertise.


01     Powerful analytics provide end customers with data insights to proactively identify risks, issues, and corrective actions.

02     By supporting and steering client's digital transformation, ThoughtFocus has enabled the company to become flexible and agile.

03     Huge cost and time savings were achieved by automating processes, freeing up the workforce to focus on strategic projects.

04     Launched new services faster and delivered a 20% productivity improvementThoughtFocus continues to underpin client's success through strategic support and continuous development of technologies.

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