Accelerating ROI for a Global Manufacturing Giant, by Deploying Sophisticated IT and Cloud Based Solutions



Harnessing the power of technology

Client needed an experienced IT partner to implement an ERP system for its subsidiary. In ThoughtFocus it found the ideal software engineering expert that would not only manage the implementation but also develop and maintain customized applications going forward to further streamline and integrate its internal processes. In the competitive manufacturing environment, the continuous development of advanced digital applications was crucial for future-proofing operations, harnessing advances in technology, and unlocking business value.



A partner for strategy and IT solutions

The partnership began in 2004 with ThoughtFocus implementing an ERP system at several subsidiaries. As the business grew, it relied increasingly on ThoughtFocus’ strategic leadership and IT support through various M&A, merging and migrating multiple systems. Its role in defining the IT integration strategy and dealer divestment strategy was paramount following the acquisition by a manufacturing giant. ThoughtFocus has developed sophisticated IT solutions including e-commerce and cloud-based functionality, generating cost optimizations and speeding up ROI.



Annual Savings


Higher Forecasting Accuracy

Rapid Systems Integration


Process Efficiency Increase

As the business grew, it relied increasingly on ThoughtFocus’ strategic leadership and IT support through various mergers and acquisitions.



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ThoughtFocus is selected as the premier IT partner to implement an ERP system for subsidiaries and to develop customized applications.


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Client acquires new company; ThoughtFocus supports dealer divestiture strategy, enables successful dealer integration, and manages system migration.


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Over the years, ThoughtFocus designs and implements applications for client such as demand forecast planning, lab reporting, and efficiency tools.


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Client continues its digital transformation journey with trusted strategic and IT support from experts at ThoughtFocus.


Groundbreaking solution support


ThoughtFocus drives faster development, tuned to the Group’s needs, through its direct contractual relationship with client.


With a precise understanding of the company’s challenges and needs, ThoughtFocus delivers value through state-of-the-art IT.


By developing best-in-class solutions, ThoughtFocus has enabled client to significantly increase operational efficiencies and cut costs.


Client relies on the strategic advice and industry knowledge that ThoughtFocus has built up during the long-established partnership.