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Let’s Chat – Scaling Your Manufacturing Operations

by - ThoughtFocus | January 5, 2023 |

Welcome to the Let’s Chat manufacturing video interview series from ThoughtFocus.


In this series of video interviews, we feature inspiring and short video interviews with industry leaders. This interview series exists for one purpose: to deliver insights to help you scale your business.


In our most recent series of interviews, we spoke with Prashanth Sharma, Chief Technology Officer at ThoughtFocus, about strategies and experiences that are driving manufacturers forward.


We also spoke with Rachel Rouse, Director of Application Development at ThoughtFocus, about women in manufacturing, and balancing work-from-home demands with five children.


In Episode 1, Prashanth talked about new trends in manufacturing – and the benefit of hindsight on the pandemic as manufacturers evaluated three big options:

  • Ride it out
  • Hit the accelerator
  • Hit the brakes


Here’s a link to this great discussion.


In Episode 2, we addressed the technical skills gap in manufacturing and some of the ways executives are finding talent during a pandemic.
Here’s a link to a short, recorded discussion on the topic.
If reading the key take-aways is faster, here’s the Q&A doc.


And finally, in Episode 3, we spoke with Rachel Rouse – the Director of Application Development at ThoughtFocus, about women in technology, WFH, and raising five children during a pandemic. It’s a great interview about the new work/life balance, running global teams, and transforming manufacturing operations.
Here’s the link to the short interview.


Stay tuned as we add more interviews about the challenges of growing a manufacturing organization. In upcoming episodes, let us know what you want us to talk about – we have some ideas but could use your comments as well. What do you think about these possible topics?

  • The role of the Chief Data Officer
  • Warranty management as a driver of new revenue
  • Untangling Bill of Materials
  • The future of the supply chain


Let us know what you want to hear and thanks again for listening!