ThoughtFocus specializes in working with clients to move existing processes to a managed service, achieving improved accuracy and reduced costs

Digital Operations provides businesses with a temporary improvement in efficiency and manpower management.

However, technology-fueled factors such as digital transformation, shorter cycle times, and increased market pressure are driving companies to further refine their business models. It's about how they do business, not just where. It's about sustaining improvement and driving innovation.

What you need
  • Access to skilled workers
  • Shorter time to market
  • Reduced costs
  • Better human resource and time management
  • Access to the latest technologies and business processes

Is your organization struggling with scale or cost issues?

  • Do you plan to expand and need skilled resources but must contain costs?
  • Want to become more efficient?
  • Need to get a handle on overheads?
  • Have to improve customer service to increase satisfaction and grow your market?

ThoughtFocus has the people, processes, and technology to help you achieve your business goals.


People Process Technology

Extend your human resources capacity with global teams. We supply whatever skill levels you require, with the domain expertise specific to your industry and your organization’s needs.

  • ThoughtFocus currently has 1,500 skilled Digital Operations employees and can add any number you need in quick time. Quality, transparency, and security are some of the most important factors in our operations

ThoughtFocus provides an integrated methodology for business process re-engineering with people, process and technology combined to deliver high value to its customers:

  • Value-added mission-critical business operations
  • Create efficiencies with workflows and SOP’s (Standard Operating Processes)
  • Create efficiencies for mission-critical processes for faster, economical and better results

ThoughtFocus meets your needs with relevant, new and custom technology and industry-specific CRM tools.

  • Back office operations outsourcing is even more affordable and faster than ever with business intelligence platforms and cloud computing. RPA(Robotic Process Automation) easily manages an increase in your work without needing seasonal resources

Value creation through ThoughtFocus' Digital Operations Services

Substantiated cost savings, operational efficiencies, the ability to scale, access to a highly trained and talented workforce, improved process quality, and a quicker time to market are just some of the reasons innovative companies rely on ThoughtFocus.

The Digital Operations leadership team learns your business from the ground up, allowing you to outsource key technology functions and capabilities; keeping you ahead of the ever-accelerating market curve.

Using our RAPID transition methodology deployment model, our enterprise team employs their knowledge, tools, and experience to effectively transition your organization while meeting your near- and long-term business goals.

ThoughtFocus provides more

We deliver domain-specific expertise and the advanced technologies you need now to reduce costs and innovate. Digital Operations represents an investment in your company's intellectual capability.

Some successful client results include:
  • 100% cost predictability on a year-over-year basis
  • 100% turnaround times achieved for client SLAs
  • 98% accuracy and quality standards – helping you achieve ISO standards or SOC
  • 100% reduced backlog for real-time production
  • Over 40% cost savings in the first year of operations
  • 24/7 and 365 extended operations delivery team located globally and locally to ensure effective turnaround time

Do you have the ThoughtFocus' Digital Operations advantage?

Leverage our wide scope of engineering resources, talent and support for product design, reverse engineering, software development, flexible manufacturing, testing and certification, and services for scaling your business.

Enhance your product build capabilities, improve on-time performance and quality, get to market faster, and deliver new, category defining products.