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IoT-powered analytics for a
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Avoid stops, slow downs,
and rejections

How it works

TFOpEfficiency quickly identifies and optimizes manufacturing processes and times for peak productivity, including loss measurement, benchmarking progress, and improved equipment productivity to reduce stops, slow down, and rejections. Harnessing IoT-connected analytics, the framework uses equipment efficiency as the single best metric for identifying losses, benchmarking progress, and improving equipment productivity.

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ThoughtFocus’ team of data and analytics experts can help you to get the full value from your BI and reporting tools with our OP manufacturing data visualization accelerator.

More than a simple dashboard, the OP integrates seamlessly with your production data (online/offline) and processes your data into valuable information.

From data, TFOpEfficiency helps to reveal the production losses of a machine/process. The proven framework discovers where (and for what issue) a machine needs attention and makes it clear what incidents do not add any value and need to be resolved.

Identifies six big losses like breakdown, waiting, reduced speed, minor stoppages, scrap, and rework.