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ThoughtFocus Pledges Support in India’s Continuing Battle of COVID-19

Corporate | May 20, 2021

MILWAUKEE, WI – As a second wave of COVID-19 overwhelms India, ThoughtFocus has established a COVID Care Center and Taskforce within its organization to aid associates and their families who are battling the virus.


ThoughtFocus has employees dedicated to the COVID Care Task Force to support employees, clients, vendors, and their families. ThoughtFocus has shipped critical medical supplies including oxygen concentrators to offices in Bangalore, Mysore, and Hyderabad. The concentrators are available for immediate use for who need medical support. A COVID Care center has been erected and staffed 24/7 with doctors, nurses, and medical equipment to provide critical care in the heart of Bangalore. Plans are also being made to create a vaccination center once supplies become available for employees and their families to safely receive the vaccine.


“It is heartbreaking to see the crisis in India unfold,” said Suman Atreya, Chief Executive Officer at ThoughtFocus. “I want all employees and their families to know that everybody at ThoughtFocus stands with them and the rest of the people in India during this fight.”


ThoughtFocus hopes that by creating a small circle of self-sufficiency, they can provide good care to those in need and help to reduce the overall load on the healthcare system.