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ThoughtFocus Picks Baguio City for Its Philippines Expansion

Corporate | August 1, 2014

ThoughtFocus has announced the addition of a delivery center in Baguio City, the Philippines, for its outsourced services business. The new center is located in the central business district at SM Cyber Annex, Upper Harrison Road in Baguio City.


According to Ritesh Wadhwa, Vice President for the business process outsourcing division, ThoughtFocus has been looking to expand its delivery capabilities in geographies outside of India.


“We considered a number of possibilities including Latin America and Eastern Europe before reaching a decision on the Philippines. For our business process outsourcing needs, we needed a location that provided the cost advantage but was culturally aligned to the US – especially in the voice-based business. Our centers in India were already doing well on data based processing, but we found ourselves at a disadvantage to processes involving a voice component. The Philippines offered the perfect solution and are widely accepted by our US customers.”


ThoughtFocus also evaluated Manilla and Dumaguete when deciding on the location in the Philippines. Baguio was ultimately selected as its location was less prone to natural disasters frequenting the Philippines. It also has a large education base producing well-qualified professionals.


ThoughtFocus’ initiative to open a delivery center in Baguio received immense support from the local authorities. In the years to come, ThoughtFocus hopes to continue growing its business in the Philippines.


ThoughtFocus already has three large delivery centers in India located in Bangalore, Gurgaon, and Mysore along with local delivery capabilities in the US.


SM Cyber Annex,3rd Floor,
Upper Harrison Road,
Baguio City 2600