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ThoughtFocus Launches Comfort Gives Enhancing Social Impact and Philanthropic Capabilities

Corporate | May 11, 2020

MILWAUKEE – Dedicated to addressing issues challenging our global and local communities.


For years, ThoughtFocus has been helping organizations in the aerospace and defense, education, finance, and manufacturing sectors to transform their operations with technology and insights. Today, ThoughtFocus announces the launch of Comfort Gives—a program to extend the organization’s talents and capabilities to communities in need. Specifically, Comfort Gives will allow ThoughtFocus to make investments in social good through in-kind as well as to make financial donations.


Supporting social impact and philanthropic causes has long been important to ThoughtFocus.


For example, a partnership with UNAIDS was designed to support the global effort to end AIDS as a public health threat by 2030. Utilizing the dynamic technology development capabilities within the ThoughtFocus organization, the UNAIDS collaboration is establishing a Center of Excellence for IoT in public health.


After developing a better understanding of the challenges dairy farmers in India face, the ThoughtFocus team went to work to help boost the Indian dairy industry’s milk quality and income through a cloud-based IoT solution that tracks milk samples and provides feedback.


Yet another social impact project advanced by the ThoughtFocus team is facilitated by a partnership with a leading bath fixtures company and CalTech to create eco-friendly toilets as part of a Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation initiative. Using electromechanical technology and a dedicated cloud developed by the collaboration, it is now possible to monitor and manage remote locations for both sanitation and water conservation.


“Any corporation that grows into being bigger than an individual by drawing upon the resources and forces of a community has a moral responsibility to give back to the community more than it has taken from it for the betterment of all. These gives can be implemented locally but with a global impact and vision,” commented Suman Atreya, CEO of ThoughtFocus. “We have a number of programs in the works to handle Covid-19 – which we’ll be introducing shortly. We must roll up our sleeves, volunteer, and contribute to the causes we care about.”


If you are interested in learning more about how your organization can partner with ComfortGives, or if you have a need Comfort Gives might be able to help address, please reach out to the external communications contact below.


About YANA
YANA is an innovative technology platform from ThoughtFocus. It is an AI-based conversational digital associate for higher education and is being used by dozens of universities allowing students and their families to access information 24×7–where they need it and when they need it. YANA technology also reduces the volume of inquiries to universities’ student support and administrative departments.


About Comfort Gives
Comfort Gives is the newly launched social impact and philanthropic arm of ThoughtFocus. This group has been created to enhance ThoughtFocus’s ability to leverage technology expertise to better local and global communities by solving pressing problems.


Media Contacts
Ben Bradley, ThoughtFocus and Comfort Gives media relations and external communications