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ThoughtFocus and Level 3 Inspection – Services for PMA and DER Repair Aircraft Parts

Manufacturing and B2B | December 1, 2016

ThoughtFocus, a leading consulting, engineering and business process management firm serving the aviation and aerospace industry, and Level 3 Inspection LLC, master practitioners of Computer-Aided Inspection (CAI) technology for precision manufacturing, announced today a strategic collaboration to deliver advanced technology laboratory and development services for quality-assured aftermarket aviation parts.


“With a 10-to-12-year backlog on the delivery of new commercial aircraft, airlines and leasing companies are facing the prospect of ageing fleets and the challenge of keeping these aircraft in service,” noted ThoughtFocus Aerospace Division General Manager David Deal. “The joint ThoughtFocus-Level 3 Inspection team, working alongside our aviation clients, will design, build and certify superior aircraft parts, systems and solutions, at a fraction of the price and a faster time to market than currently available, maximizing clients’ parts inventories and helping prolong the useful life of parts and aircraft.”


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