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ThoughtFocus Acquires Rayon, an Aerospace Niche Player

Manufacturing and B2B | April 18, 2014

In its bid to accelerate the Aerospace practice, ThoughtFocus completed its acquisition of Rayon Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd, a Bangalore-based privately held company providing niche technology services to the Avionics industry in the United States.


Aerospace has traditionally been a difficult industry for offshore outsourcing providers. The niche skill set, regulations, and need for several certifications have provided entry barriers to this capital-intensive industry. But, in recent times, it has proven itself as one of the fastest growing verticals with immense opportunities for services firms that can optimize delivery using global skill sets. It is approximately a $6.3 billion industry that is coming under intense pressure to globalize and keep pace with demand. Several multinationals have opened up to outsource their work and use offshore resources to optimize delivery efficiency.


Rayon’s founders, Rayon Yogeeshachar BK and Prasanna Kattegowda described the acquisition as “a step in the right direction.” They had initially founded Rayon with the goal of being a niche player in the Aerospace industry. When we spoke to them about the growth plans ThoughtFocus had for its Aerospace vertical, they immediately saw the potential to align their goals through collaboration. It was evident that combining the complementing strengths of the two companies would significantly accelerate growth. The decision was an easy one to make.


According to Shylesh Krishnan, one of the founders of ThoughtFocus and a key driver to this acquisition, this was the fastest way to keep pace with the demand and growth ThoughtFocus is witnessing in this sector. Rayon has an excellent track record of working with the top names in the avionics industry and possessed a very strong team of engineers specialized in end-to-end safety critical software development meeting DO178B/ED12B standards. This team has experience in Engine & Flight Control Systems, Cabin Pressure Control Systems, Fire Protection Systems, Smoke Detection Systems, Air Data Systems, Engine Interface Units, and Flight Display Systems. Furthermore, they have completed numerous projects in embedded software development and verification along with validation projects up to Level A for industry leaders in Avionics across Europe and USA.


Acquiring Rayon has the potential to significantly accelerate the growth of the ThoughtFocus’ Aerospace Practice. Not only will it strengthen the delivery capability, but it can also provide many new opportunities for cross-selling additional capabilities to ThoughtFocus and Rayon customers.