Rethinking outsourcing in the age of disruption, pandemics, and scarcity

The pandemic forced the closure of factories, ports, schools, and stores. Global supply chains – already strained prior to the outbreak – were stretched even further by COVID. The ripple effects are enormous.

From semi-conductors to talent, scarcity is accelerating innovation in new and different ways as companies try to do more with less. Whether rethinking internal operational processes or re-engineering products to accept whatever chips are available, scarcity is forcing organizations to consider higher value outsourcing relationships.

Unfortunately, many organizations do not completely understand their own “outsourcing maturity”.

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Join us on November 18th for an informative discussion with Santosh Narasimhan, Director of Product Engineering for Broan NuTone and Surya Prakash, Director of Technology for ThoughtFocus. These thought leaders will share their experiences with the outsourcing journey and provide guidance for companies thinking about outsourcing technology development – based on candid self-assessments of organizational maturity.

Speakers Include

Santosh Narasimhan

Director of Product Engineering, Broan NuTone

Santosh is a seasoned leader with accomplishments in innovation, engineering, business processes and product development. He is passionate about propelling businesses through innovation, building high performing teams and delivering meaningful products in the high-volume automotive industry, high quality medical devices space and high value consumer products space. He is an innovator with multiple patents to his credit and a thought leader when it comes to building high performance, geographically divided, vendor driven systems engineering teams.

Surya Prakash

Director of Technology, ThoughtFocus

With over 20 years of experience designing, developing and delivering technology solutions to the manufacturing industry, Prakash has intricate knowledge of the catalysts for successfully delivering digital transformation to companies. At ThoughtFocus he is responsible for bringing technology leadership, and monitoring and mentoring delivery operations to meet client requirements on outsourced digital transformation projects.

Ben Bradley

Moderator, ThoughtFocus

Ben Bradley is an avid indoorsman that writes about the intersection of technology and business. His primary interests are change management and technology adoption, micro-finance, CRM, network and physical security, cloud business, networks, and process optimization.

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