Legacy Modernization

Switch to legacy software modernization with our skilled experts on any unique requirements

The best route from now to next is the one that delivers most value.

Legacy modernization is a continuously evolving journey, but every step you take should bring the maximum possible value. Our experts are skilled at mapping the best route forward and finding innovative solutions to complex technology challenges. We look at your business and technology from every possible angle, building a modernization roadmap around your unique requirements.

Rearchitect, replace, retire, retain?

We do what’s best for your business.

Legacy systems bring up a host of complex questions. Do you replatform, refactor, rebuild, or pull the plug? The right answer is based on a deep understanding of your business. Our experts evaluate your systems, processes, costs, and risks – to find the approach that drives maximum possible benefit. We deliver rapidly on critical short-term goals, while working toward your long-term vision for the future.

Our unique advantage:

At ThoughtFocus, we are experts in your business and technology. It’s this unique blend of expertise that takes you to the future faster. What sets us apart is our:

  • Low-risk and high-value processes, keeping risk at an absolute minimum and delivering the best cost-benefit ratio
  • Flexible, customer-centric approach, resulting in innovative strategies and solutions that meet your specific business needs
  • Rapid results with minimal disruption, delivering rapid transformation without reinventing your business.
Advantage of Thoughtfocus


Fast-track your journey to agility and efficiency.

Our comprehensive services and in-depth expertise drive lower costs, greater agility, and competitive advantage. From minor reengineering to a large-scale lift and shift, we have the skills and track record to accelerate transformation.

System/Situational Assessment

Work closely with our experts to understand your technology and business challenges. Define requirements and set clear goals to create a modernization roadmap tailored to your business.

Replatform Services

Transition your applications to modern cloud-based platforms. Drive cost savings and optimize performance with minimal coding effort.

Migration Services

Seamlessly migrate your business-critical applications to a more agile and high-performance IT environment.

Technology Consulting

Collaborate closely with our experts to understand your technology needs. Benefit from an actionable strategy that delivers transformation in a way that works for your business.

Application Support

Tap into our hands-on development expertise to make the most of your core systems while driving up efficiency.

Data Architecture

Unlock the potential of your legacy data to drive new levels of business insight. Build an integrated data architecture that enhances visibility and collaboration business wide.