Industry X

Optimise your product life cycle with our IOT embedded engineering solutions

Unleash the power of data with IoT.

For ThoughtFocus, Industry X goes further than the factory floor. Our IoT and embedded engineering services drive optimization across the entire product life cycle. Our vision for value spans design, sourcing, and supply – all the way through to manufacturing, servicing, and returns. Our domain experts dig deep to find value, unleashing data-driven insights that drive a step change in efficiency.

We make IoT work for your business

Achieve next-level efficiency and innovation

At ThoughtFocus, our approach is technology-agnostic, so your business – not technology – takes the lead. Our experienced practice leads and technical experts work to understand your business and identify key areas where IoT can make the most impact. Together, we create a clear roadmap to a seamless IoT architecture that’s primed for immediate value and future ROI.

Our unique advantage

As IoT technology continues to grow at pace, our experts keep your business on the cutting edge. With in-depth experience across multiple use cases, our domain expertise puts us out in front. Partner with us to benefit from:

  • End-to-end business coverage
  • Industry experience across diverse use cases
  • Seamless integration and security
  • Flexible technology-agnostic approach
  • Rapid scalability to keep pace with innovation
Advantage of Thoughtfocus


Build a secure, connected, and scalable IoT infrastructure

When it comes to Industry X, ThoughtFocus covers all the bases. From strategy to execution, and everything in between, our IoT and embedded engineering services make smart technology simple so you can reap the maximum benefit.

Business Advisory Services
  • Identify and prioritize use cases for immediate ROI
  • Develop an loT architecture that supports your long-term strategy
Application, Widgets, & Services
  • Create pre-integrated widgets for legacy system integration
  • Integrate widgets and apps with MES/ERP/payment systems
IoT Platforms
  • Create data collection and processing systems on private/public cloud servers
  • Implement device management servers
Network & Communications
  • Manage upgrades and over-the-air (OTA) device provisioning
  • Create gateway device development
  • Develop firmware for remote monitoring
  • Implement control unit end devices for fluid control monitoring
  • Implement UI on touch-based devices
  • Optimize security for applications, gateways, and devices
Embedded Engineering Solutions
  • Prototyping and simulations
  • Product development
  • Industry KPI measurement and analytics
  • User interfaces and user experience (UI/UX)
  • Firmware Security