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Digital Operations completes your Digital Transformation journey. It enables organizations to efficiently and effectively assess business processes wholistically to take advantage of new technologies without defaulting to simple cost optimizing with BPO. Digital Operations drive breakthrough customer experiences, provide scale, increase productivity and also lower costs. We are your partner in transformation to Digital not just your BPO partner.

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Grow Your Business, Not Your Headcount

Business growth with Thoughtfocus

Having a trusted partner with the right experience, expertise, and approach is critical to your success. And having a partner who values increasing efficiency more than increasing headcount is even more important.

ThoughtFocus is that partner. We bring the right skills, the right people, and the right approach to help you reach – and exceed - your goals. We’ll take smart risks and accelerate your growth using technology that quickly and affordably scales your operations.

Three Pillars of Digital Operations

Explore how ThoughtFocus can help you be a winner in your digital transformation journey using the three pillars of Digital Operations.

Process Re-engineering with Thoughtfocus
Process Re-engineering
Intelligent Automation with Thoughtfocus
Intelligent Automation
Outsourcing with Thoughtfocus

Process Re-engineering:
Reimagine the customer experience.

With business process re-engineering, ThoughtFocus challenges your organization to rethink fundamental assumptions about your business and optimize processes through self-service, automation, integration, and offshore managed services. Instead of simply replacing each process with technology, ThoughtFocus experts reimagine the customer journey, finding new ways to drive efficiency, improve the user experience, and add incremental business value.

As a result, you’ll move from:

Intelligent Automation:
Digitize and automate processes.

ThoughtFocus believes that higher-level tasks benefit from process automation. And when your organization implements process redesign and automation, it reflects your commitment to continuous improvement as teams collaborate to streamline workflows and eliminate waste.

ThoughtFocus employs intelligent automation enablers such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and robotic process automation (RPA) to deliver new solutions, making every process a candidate for automation, optimization, or elimination.

As a result, you’ll move from:

Optimize your human resources. Automation will handle the rest.

ThoughtFocus is the right partner to help your organization determine the right resources to support you on your digital journey. But unlike traditional BPO, it’s not about adding more, low-cost headcount. Instead, it’s about using the right tools and technologies to optimize human involvement in complex problem solving while deploying automation, workflows, processes, and integration wherever possible.

As a result, you’ll move from:

Accelerate Your Transformation.

Through the intelligent use of technology, automation, and process optimization, ThoughtFocus’ Digital Operations will transform your operations and reduce headcount, enabling your organization to improve on-time performance, increase quality, go to market faster, and deliver new, category-defining products.

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