FocusLOYALTY 1.0: ThoughtFocus Announces Its Customizable Loyalty Framework

September 12, 2015   ·   Financial Services

ThoughtFocus announced the launch of FocusLOYALTY 1.0 – a framework for partner-based coalition loyalty management. The customizable framework can be implemented to serve as a platform to support multiple loyalty companies. Each company has access to create their own coalition loyalty program while utilizing the platform’s functionality. The solution has an inbuilt feature for private labeling to provide branding. The versatile platform can also onboard a single brand multi-location company to implement and run a single brand loyalty program.

According to Naganand Jagadeesh, Vice President responsible for the product, the company has already successfully implemented FocusLOYALTY as a turnkey customized partner-based coalition loyalty management system.