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Higher Education and Emerging Verticals

We engineer successful outcomes for higher education, non-profits, government, and emerging verticals.

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With more than 18 years of providing services to the higher education sector, ThoughtFocus brings industry expertise and a deep understanding of the sector to bear on every engagement.

  • With More than 30 active university clients and experience with multi-campus university systems, ThoughtFocus is your expert and trusted partner
  • From A to Z, ThoughtFocus provides and supports your entire range of technology. From Peoplesoft, and Salesforce to Adobe Experience Manager and advanced applications of AI/ML technologies, you can rely on ThoughtFocus to help you achieve a better future faster

Our deep understanding of multiple technology domains and industries means we often support start-ups and established technology companies in a variety of complex projects and initiatives, including:

  • ThoughtFocus is internally organized into multiple technology Centers of Excellence (CoE), including PeopleSoft, Salesforce, and other CoEs that focus on solution development, process improvement, and development of methodologies for mission-focused institutions globally

ThoughtFocus has been working with state agencies in a variety of long-lasting relationships based on our commitment to providing the highest professional and quality standards.

  • Successfully completed more than 60 projects for different states in transportation, healthcare, and digital governance for efficiency and scalable services
  • Additional projects also include AI applications in Public Administration, Public Security/Safety, and Public Welfare

We partner with local authorities and collaborate with them to unlock the true potential of digital technology, helping transform their service delivery to meet the needs of the public.

  • We have a highly proficient team capable of modernizing legacy platforms, optimizing the user experience, keeping pace with change, and transforming how services are delivered
  • We enable non-profit organizations to embrace modern technologies and smarter ways of working. Our services, accelerators, and other offerings are transforming service delivery and achieving high-impact outcomes. We have developed various toolkits to perform legacy application modernization including re-engineering and upgrades
Enable new business models and ...
reduced cost of ownership with software operations.
Combine whole product thinking ...
with digital platform and application expertise to deliver superior customer experiences.
Use process redesign, automation, ...
and BPO to radically improve customer journeys and simplify interactions.
Shape the future and capture valuable ...
insights with data analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence.
Reduce time spent on repetitive tasks, ...
improve employee productivity, flag errors, and enhance the overall customer experience.
Build digital businesses, rethink business ...
models, turbo-charge your infrastructure, and deliver success at scale.
From breakthrough idea-generation to ...
cost containment and process outsourcing, ThoughtFocus can help you unlock transformational technologies, strategies, and solutions that achieve your successful outcomes.
You can build, test, and deploy ...
ultra-productive intelligent agents in about ten weeks when you leverage our unique frameworks and accelerators.


A cloud based, cloud agnostic, data analytics solution delivering insights for Student Success.


Facilitate adaptive personalized learning and teaching through data and sentiment analysis to help teachers make data-driven decisions.


AI digital associate ensures the students are (You are) NOT ALONE in their learning journey. Omni Channel, 24x7 presence and contextual human like interaction.


Manage the accreditation lifecycle from end to end. Address compliance, document management, team selection, and site visits.


The most advanced technology and easy-to-access user interfaces for Students, Faculty & Administration.


Leverage machine learning and automation to digitize documents at scale for Public Sector organizations.
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ThoughtFocus powers digital transformation for a public university

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