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Dealpath and ThoughtFocus Announce Partnership to Empower Automated Deal Ingestion

Corporate | May 26, 2020

SAN FRANCISCO – Integration between leading real estate collaboration and data solution providers delivers seamless input of deal data for investment analysis.


Dealpath, the leading software solution for real estate investment and portfolio management, today announced a new business partnership with ThoughtFocus, a premier technology and services provider. In this partnership, Dealpath will integrate the Deal Ingestion (DI) services of ThoughtFocus within the Dealpath platform for mutual customers, empowering the fast, accurate entry of valuable data for actionable insights that drive investment and portfolio decisions.


Real estate investment firms face a major challenge handling the sheer volume of data now available, and heavy friction transferring it into required formats. Hundreds and thousands of investment flyers, offering memorandums, and email must be curated and abstracted in order to evaluate investment opportunities. These manual, repetitive tasks are time consuming and error prone, not to mention often procrastinated on. It’s a problem well suited for ThoughtFocus’ that has specialists in deal ingestion who use automation tools for fast and accurate deal ingestion.


Deal Ingestion (DI) from ThoughtFocus eliminates data entry headache for the deal team, allowing them to focus on deal analytics on up to date data in a timely manner without errors. ThoughtFocus DI process augments internal workloads in a scalable, cost effective solution with the high quality and precision required by institutional investors.


“Our clients need to visualize the performance of their owned portfolio overlaid with relevant deals they are seeing in the market and the comps of every asset and deal they’ve ever looked at or worked on – this is investment-decision glory,” said Mike Sroka, CEO of Dealpath. “Real estate markets have always been about people with information, and we have an ever increasing access to data. To glean actionable insights from that data it must be structured and formatted in logical ways, easy to retrieve and visualize, and accessible from wherever we may be working. This partnership between Dealpath and ThoughtFocus is a force multiplier for data-driven investing.”


Dealpath’s award-winning and leading real estate industry deal management solution is the command center for smart pipeline tracking, powerful deal analytics and collaborative workflows to drive optimal risk-adjusted returns. Whether it is a bank of comps you’ve been collecting for years, or quick turnaround on live deals, the Dealpath-ThoughtFocus partnership will keep your team focused on value-add work while giving you insight into a unique comp database that will give you a competitive advantage:


The solution: Freeing valuable employees from data entry, ThoughtFocus DI makes deal ingestion highly efficient, with CRE-trained human review, to enter deals directly into Dealpath for you with a verification process to ensure deals entered are accurate and error free. The results: Every OM/Flyer received goes into Dealpath within same day with 99.9% accuracy on deal entry, reducing comparable costs of the work internally by as much as 40%. “The ThoughtFocus DI services have been designed from the ground up in partnership with institutional clients to solve for growth, complexity, and efficiency,” said Rajiv Goyal, Executive Vice President at ThoughtFocus. “It’s become clear that having fast, accurate data extraction and transformation at scale is a core part of the investment management business. We’re excited and see a natural fit partnering with Dealpath to enable our shared clients to exceed their business goals.”


“At Blackstone, affiliates and portfolio companies, we see DI with Dealpath and ThoughtFocus as a valuable component of our data strategy. We’re thrilled to see the collaboration and believe it’s an important step in the digitalization of real estate investment and capital markets,” said John Fitzpatrick, Managing Director at Blackstone.


About Dealpath
Dealpath is the real estate industry’s leading cloud-based deal management platform. Investment and development firms leverage Dealpath as their command center for smart pipeline tracking, powerful deal analytics, and collaborative workflows. Founded in 2014, Dealpath has supported over $5 trillion in transactions with leading institutions across the world. For more information please visit our website at and follow Dealpath on Linkedin at