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AS9100 Certification for A&D Enhances Our Market Positioning

Manufacturing and B2B | August 21, 2019

ThoughtFocus has been recognized as an AS9100 Rev D certified organization in compliance with standards that meet the Aerospace domain requirements for its Bengaluru and Mysuru operations.


AS9100 is the international Quality Management System standard for the Aviation, Space and Defense industry. As a globally accepted standard, it helps suppliers with requirements for creating and maintaining comprehensive quality systems for providing safe and reliable products to the Aerospace and Defense industry.


All major Aerospace companies, including companies like Boeing, Airbus and Meggitt, require this certification for maintaining a robust Quality Management System. Adhering to the standard leads to better operations, improved performance, improved profitability and regulatory control. AS9100 certification gives us greater credibility in the marketplace.


AS9100 builds upon our ISO9001 certification and allows us to benchmark our business management system. These systems include tools and methods for strategic planning and implementation of policies, practices and processes needed to run the business. More companies across industries are deploying business management systems as a means of differentiation. A robust business management system can provide competitive differentiation for ThoughtFocus as a provider of technology and engineering services.


According to David Deal, Former GM for Aerospace & Defense, “As we grow our A&D business, we need to adhere to the same quality standards used by our customers. AS9100 will help us align business management with skills and processes to consistently deliver high-quality services. We’re building key skills in this area and have onboarded experts in lean manufacturing, agile and six sigma practices to identify best practices and tools that support this business philosophy”.