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Lock in your customers with a single-source loyalty solution.

Manage promotions,
rewards, and redemptions

Innovative features for
all stakeholders

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precise needs

How it works

TFLoyalty provides a proven framework for custom loyalty solutions, increasing customer retention and enhancing brand perception.

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A high-performance transaction-processing engine engages multiple merchants, partners, and members in a seamless loyalty experience.

TFLoyalty supports multiple transaction types, including magnetic stripe cards (MSR), QR codes, card-based or digital barcodes, and Near Field Communication (NFC).

Seamless integration with your POS infrastructure unifies the shopping and loyalty experience, driving increasingly consistent and engaging customer interactions.

An innovative rules engine calculates rewards, redemption, discounts, and fees, finding the best ratio to suit partners, merchants and members.

A secure web-based portal engages and incentivizes members, providing a convenient one-stop location to manage points and promotions.Responsive design enhances the user experience, driving up customer engagement and identification with the brand.

A dedicated web portal serves administrators, merchants, and partners, with privileges customizable to differing user roles. Intuitive features ease merchant and partner onboarding, while providing ample opportunity to manage and foster relationships.

State-of-the-art mobile apps provide another gateway to your loyalty program. Geolocation tracking and push notifications enable personalized promotions, optimizing the member experience.

Transparent real-time monitoring and flexible reporting options give clear and actionable insights into the effectiveness of customer promotions.

TFLoyalty is easy to make your own, providing a superior user experience that reflects the uniqueness of your brand.

Fail-safe security standards ensure data is protected, fully encrypting member account details and all user credentials.

ThoughtFocus offers flexible deployment models to suit the needs of your business, providing TFLoyalty as a hosted solution (PaaS) or a packaged turnkey product.