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Integrate disparate Bill of Material data into a single-source catalog publishing platform.

Create accurate
manuals in minutes

Maintain manuals with
spot-on accuracy

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How it works

The TFCatalogGenerator automates changes to manuals, improving accuracy and reducing costs. By leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), the TFCatalogGenerator creates user manuals in PDF format by continuously reading databases and identifying relevant changes.

Publishing content for different platforms – whether online, mobile, or print – from the same data source is referred to as single-source publishing. There are many commercially available single-source publishing suites, but these platforms are expensive, proprietary, and lack customization features.

The Catalog Generator uses the principles of single-source publishing and is technology-neutral.

With the ThoughtFocus eCatalog Generator, the scenarios for content presentation are configurable and rule driven. The throughput of the Catalog Generator is also high. A set of PDF catalogs with a page count exceeding 1000 pages can be generated in minutes.

Quickly generate outputs from multiple content sources, for multiple formats and end-users, all in one place.

Efficiently manage growing content requirements for multiple formats, end-users, and languages.

Improve quality and reduce errors by editing one master file and automatically populating all edits to all versions.

Save time and money by updating one master source file instead of hundreds of outputs. Avoid the use of commercial tools for PDF generation and the resultant costs – licensing and support – which are often exorbitant.