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Accelerate EMV certification in payment processing.

Simulate hundreds of test
integrations at speed

Automate the entire
testing process

Speed up EMV
certification and launch

How it works

TCube features a suite of transaction test tools, designed to accelerate certification of magnetic stripe reader (MSR) devices.

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TCube analyzes the list of MSR test cases provided by the processor, automatically executing these at speed and validating the results.

Leveraging automation, TCube has the capacity to execute hundreds of test cases per hour, a task that would usually take days to complete manually.

When test cases fail, TCube pinpoints exactly where the issue lies, so developers know what needs to be fixed and why. This avoids unnecessary iterations and a prolonged back-and-forth between the payment service provider and processor.

TCube generates MSR tracking data, eliminating the need to purchase, and continuously update, physical cards.

A transparent four-level tree view categorizes MSR test cases by card brand, industry, and transaction type, making it easier to identify patterns in any defects.

TCube features convenient recovery capabilities, so that testing can be picked up from a previous day without impacting the efficacy or validity.

Test cases are fully documented, providing a clear description of the test procedure and expected results, increasing the clarity and transparency for developers.

Detailed reporting on test execution keeps stakeholders updated on the status of certification. Users can create transparent reports within the system and export these easily to MS Excel.