Full-featured credit reporting data engine

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Build your own TriMerge capabilities and reduce expensive license fees with this custom SasS engine from ThoughtFocus

Designed for Consumer Reporting Agencies seeking to build their own alternative to credit verification order fulfillment platforms, TF TriMerge provides a robust platform for merging, consolidating, and customizing information from all three bureaus into a single report using custom merge rules.

The TF TriMerge Engine gives high-volume CRAs a more economical TriMerge capability with the option of managing your own platform using either SaaS or on-premise installation.

Amplify your Business Potential

SaaS solution

Reduces software platform license fees - available as a SaaS solution (pay per transaction) or licensed as a custom accelerator.

TriMerge customization

Accelerate time to market - maintain and operate your own TriMerge reporting platform.