Transportation and Logistics

New digital competitors are fragmenting the logistics value chain. Failure to react AND failure to transform is no longer an option.

When it comes to opportunities for digital transformation in logistics and transportation, there are many new technologies creating market disruption.

Forward-thinking manufacturing companies rely on ThoughtFocus to re-align and transform their people, processes, systems, and technologies along the entire logistics value chain.

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Find Opportunities to Automate, Optimize, Eliminate, and Transform with ThoughtFocus

  • RPA - Drive cost from transport planning and invoicing with RPA. How would your cost structure change if humans were removed from these processes?
  • BLOCKCHAIN - Secure data validation improves shipment visibility. How can you bring more trust and transparency into the movement of cargo?
  • AUGMENTED REALITY - Rethink and reimagine picking, packing, and commissioning processes in warehouses. How can you proactively reduce handling costs?
  • BIG DATA ANALYTICS - Drive operational efficiencies with higher utilization of assets. How would your margins change if you could increase the productivity of assets by a mere 5% annually?
  • DIGITAL OPERATIONS - Explore your processes holistically – seek ways to use people, processes, and technology to achieve cost efficiency and process-driven improvements while destroying silos and delivering break-thru customer experiences.
  • CORE SAAS APPLICATIONS - Unburden your legacy systems and eliminate tech debt in one swoop. Imagine the new operational agility you’d realize by untangling your systems and tossing legacy applications.

Capabilities and Expertise

ThoughtFocus helps logistics and transportation companies raise their game—by leveraging digital technologies to become disruption-ready. Let us show you how to seize value-generating opportunities that the application of new technologies delivers.

  • Cloud migration consulting and roadmap creation
  • Cloud application development & DevOps
  • CloudQA automation and DevOps
  • Cloud Analytics and data insight development (PowerBI and Snowflake)
  • Microsoft PowerApps

  • Core application development and QA (.Net, Java, Python)
  • UI Development (React/Angular/Vue)
  • QA Automation
  • Embedded Solutions
    • Validation, Verification, and Certification
    • Hardware and Firmware Development
    • IoT Solutions
  • Enterprise Application Support
    • SAP
    • Salesforce
    • PeopleSoft
    • IBM FileNet

  • AI/ML Bots for specific use cases
  • Data extraction and document scraping automation using OCR and ML bots
  • Chatbot for contact center use cases

  • Business Advisory and Strategy Consulting

  • Align transformation and value creation with amazing customer experiences
  • Create scalable operational capabilities that drive massive improvements in revenue, customer experience, and cost reduction
  • A continuous cycle of seeking opportunities to automate, optimize, eliminate, and transform

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