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ThoughtFocus Appoints Prashanth Sharma as Chief Technology Officer

Corporate | May 20, 2021

MILWAUKEE, WI – ThoughtFocus, cutting-edge technology solutions provider, recently named Prashanth Sharma as their Chief Technology Officer effective April 28, 2021. Sharma, who previously held the position of Vice President of the Manufacturing practice, will now lead ThoughtFocus’ technology strategy, while leveraging emerging technologies to bring the latest innovations to ThoughtFocus’ customers.


Suman Atreya, Chief Executive Officer of ThoughtFocus, is grateful for the efforts Prashanth put forth for the Manufacturing practice as Vice President and is eager to see him excel in his new role as he drives innovation and transformation throughout the organization. Both leaders strongly believe in the human side of technology.


With over 20 years of experience providing strategic technology leadership for Fortune 50 manufacturing companies, and expertise in organizational integration, enterprise technologies, cloud-based distributed applications, and multi-stack product engineering solutions, Sharma will take ThoughtFocus’ innovation and technology strategy to the next level by leading end-to-end technology functions across all business lines and customer engagements.


In addition to Sharma’s passion for technology, and deep manufacturing expertise, he is also a strong advocate for gender equality, inclusion, and diversity in the workplace.