Highly scalable switch solution framework for payment transaction processing.

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TFTransact provides a robust yet scalable framework for acquiring and issuing transactions, accelerating custom development of complex switch solutions.

The high-availability architecture comes with industry-proven features, easily configured to fit your business. What sets TFTransact apart is its agility and resilience, handling tens of thousands of transactions with a near-zero impact on performance. Based on years of ThoughtFocus expertise in technically challenging solutions, TFTransact also reflects our understanding of the changing payments landscape. Whether you’re an independent sales organization, payment processor, large retailer, or financial institution, TFTransact takes you to market faster with a proven and powerful solution.

Amplify Your Business Potential

Agility and resilience, handling tens of thousands of transactions with a near-zero impact on performance.

TFTransact supports the end-to-end processing cycle for acquiring and issuing transactions, formulating, reconciling, and transmitting data between merchant, acquirer, and issuer.

TFTransact connects seamlessly with virtually any card brand, terminal, or device. The framework provides high-performance processing for the full range of payment transactions – including credit, debit, EMV contact and contactless, ATM, and e-commerce.

The TFTransact framework comes with a plethora of industry-proven features – from merchant onboarding and fraud management to stand-in processing and BIN management. Capabilities can be flexibly configured to deliver the best value for your business.

TFTransact offers unlimited scalability, supporting any number of users, terminals, and merchants – at the same high level of performance. The framework is designed to handle high-throughput environments with typical processing requirements of over 700 transactions per second with 99.99% resilience.

Cutting-edge intelligent technologies drive higher throughput and availability. Thanks to dynamic routing and asynchronous queues, TFTransact delivers rapid quick-fire responses, even at high volumes.

TFTransact features our inter-process communication framework, called XCOM, supporting multipoint communication between APIs. Reducing complexity and increasing stability, XCOM drives the highest possible throughput.

Fully brandable, TFTransact provides a flexible foundation for your private-label switch solution. Supporting multiple institutions, currencies, languages, and channels, TFTransact covers all the bases, saving you time and money.

TFTransact conforms to rigorous industry standards, so you can build a secure and compliant solution that is certification-ready.

ThoughtFocus offers flexible deployment models to suit the needs of your business, providing TFTransact as a hosted solution (PaaS) or a packaged turnkey product.

Case Study: Largest bank in Philippines was facing a challenge to meet increasing demand from its merchants and card holders with the new age payment methodologies.

Learn how ThoughtFocus developed the new generation switch based on our TFTransact framework.

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