Automated pre-qualification solution to evaluate customer creditworthiness.


Quickly stand up an automated pre-qualification service and start generating qualified credit consumer leads using TFPrequal.

This automated service uses a soft-inquiry credit report and compares the credit behavior indicators against the lender's eligibility criteria. Automate the tedious and time-consuming task of evaluating creditworthiness or add to your website to develop qualified consumer leads for your lending business.

Amplify Your Business Potential

Assess within seconds whether the consumer meets minimum eligibility for your credit products.

Easy-to-customize and easy to white-label at the aggregator and credit provider levels.

Easily feed qualified leads to LOS

Pre-built connectivity with credit bureaus.

Robust, developed, and repeatedly tested over multiple implementations.

Sandbox environment available on request to get a feel of the available functionality.

Prequalification consent form.

Supports admin and loan officer “user types”.

Administration console.

Activity notifications.