Want to select, fit, and manage all resources together in the IoT cloud?

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Quickly integrate new devices into your IoT cloud.

Are you worried about connecting wide IoT deployments, environment setup, or managing devices to process huge data securely and quickly?

The TFIoTSuite provides the technological basis for accepting device inputs from any smart device. Visualize how new consumer electronic devices will fit into your network quickly and easily and gain the ability to monitor and control any device. TFIoTSuite is designed for smart device manufacturers that want to select, fit, and manage all resources together in the IoT cloud.

Amplify Your Business Potential

The IoT Suite connects to your device, sends data to the cloud, processes the data, and manages multiple devices quickly. With IoT Suite, start small but scale quickly for changing business needs without compromising security. Address the key IoT deployments challenges like network, storage, and security.

Lower business costs, understand, and quickly adapt to changing consumer needs and behavior. Other key benefits include:

TFIoTSuite visualization

Quickly visualize the working of offline devices as online in a few weeks.

Transparency & control

Monitor and control devices through web, mobile, and voice.

TFIoTSuite analytics

End-to-end service solution for smart device management and analytics.

IoT strategies

Envision, peruse, and react quickly – add new smart device data to derive new business use cases and IoT strategies.

TFIoTSuite efficiency

Improve device efficiency and create a better customer experience.

TFIoTSuite predective device

Predict device wear.