A simple & powerful automation solution for document digitization

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TFDocPro is a simple yet powerful tool, leveraging machine learning and automation to digitize documents at scale.

Plugging seamlessly into your existing automated processes, TFDocPro accelerates document capture, classification, and analysis to dramatically drive down costs. Extracting, analyzing, and converting data into searchable digital documents, TFDocPro eliminates manual effort and the risk of errors and inconsistencies. ML-driven image pre-processing enables diverse customization, increasing accuracy and efficiency with every document encountered. Essentially, TFDocPro can be trained to solve your most pressing processing challenges, continuously growing in intelligence and driving up business value.

Amplify Your Business Potential

Diverse customization, increasing accuracy and efficiency with every document encountered.

TFDocPro scalability

Highly scalable and flexible, TFDocPro is easily configured to meet your data capture and document processing needs.


Fully automated and integration-ready, TFDocPro dramatically increases accuracy and slashes processing times.

Documentation with TFDocPro

TFDocPro captures documents automatically from hot folders, websites, and databases without the need to program or execute commands and scripts.

TFDocPro Prequalification

Image pre-processing technology and optical character recognition (OCR) dramatically enhance accuracy – regardless of document size, layout, format, or print quality.

TFDocPro accuracy

Zonal OCR enables extraction of localized data fields based on custom parameters, accelerating processing and increasing OCR accuracy.

Zonal OCR

Based on the type of data to be extracted, the OCR engine can be tuned to balance speed, performance, and accuracy.

TFDocPro Prequalification

A natural language processing engine enhances document identification and data capture based on customizable models.

TFDocPro validation

Automated data validation and exception handling compare data from different documents, quickly flagging up discrepancies.

Accuracy with TFDocPro

Intelligent technologies mean TFDocPro is always learning, processing increasing numbers of documents with growing accuracy and speed.


Slotting seamlessly into your current RPA workflow, TFDocPro works in tandem with existing automation tools.

Detailed transaction

TFDocPro plugs effortlessly into your existing IT landscape, interfacing with applications using popular programming languages.

TFDocPro protocols

TFDocPro can be flexibly deployed on premise or as a hosted solution (SaaS).