An end-to-end web service platform with easy device configuration

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Reducing turnaround time for web service development is much simpler when device management communicates effortlessly with network-based devices, like mobile apps.

TFDeviceManager is an end-to-end web service platform with fast and easy device configuration, control, and management. It can be configured through Android, iOS, Control, Crestron, and other operating environments. TFDeviceManager fully supports cloud IoT platforms like Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services. It is also compatible with gateway devices without IoT capabilities.

Amplify Your Business Potential

For product engineering teams seeking Gateway/Data Acquisition units.

TFDeviceManager interfaces

Handle multiple peripheral serial interfaces.

TFDeviceManager protocols

Support multiple protocols like MODBUS, PROFIBUS, or any legacy protocol.

TFDeviceManager variety

Have no limitations connecting several varied serial devices.

The TFDeviceManager is a serial communication manager that can connect, identify, and communicate with external devices through RS232/485 interfaces. The external serial devices can include valves, light panels, fans, touch screen user interfaces, or other items that drive functional user actions.

The TFDeviceManager is part of a larger Data Acquisition Unit that communicates with varied external devices for data inflow, outflow, and processing. It acts as a standalone component developed on processors like Cold fire MCF54416, TI (Texas Instruments) AM335x, AM4378, etc., to handle serial communication between multiple peripherals.

TFDeviceManager use cases

Additional flexibility provides more use cases for product engineering teams.

TFDeviceManager protocols

Supports protocols like MODBUS, PROFIBUS, etc.

TFDeviceManager Customization

Can customize to support legacy protocols suitable for lifestyle products.

TFDeviceManager peripherals

Can interface a maximum of 6 serial ports and hence 6 different peripherals.

Product development

Reduces the turnaround time of serial module development for new product development initiatives.

Gateway devices

Supports diverse types of gateway devices with or without IoT.

TFDeviceManager flexibility

Additional flexibility provides more use cases for product engineering teams.

TFDeviceManager Self subsistent

Can also run as a stand-alone system or with any connected system.