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A recent study found that of the most significant frustrations for fleet managers, 74% raise compliance knowledge and 77% awareness and visibility to the driver compliance and noncompliance with regulations. Fleet managers need to be equipped with better solutions that enable them to:

  • Instantly verify fleet compliance from cloud-based online dashboards
  • Transmit alerts for compliance violations
  • Proactively notify workers of pending or expired paperwork
  • Provide support for cost control, fuel, and insurance issues and more

ThoughtFocus fleet management solutions provide greater clarity into compliance data and regulatory risks, empowering clients to improve driver, vehicle, and employee safety and compliance, keep vehicles qualified, protect workers, and modernize fleet management.

Fleet management solutions from ThoughtFocus include IoT (Internet of Things) and embedded electronic devices to help fleet managers understand every key aspect of their fleets, including:

  • DOT Drug and Alcohol Management: A complete testing program in accordance with Parts 40 and 382, including developing and documenting policy, setting up testing sites, TPA services, random selections, and compliance reports for DOT Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse Rule
  • Vehicle Tax and Licensing: Assure compliance with motor carrier tax and registration requirements, state IFTA and IRP requirements, and fuel tax reporting obligations. Keep your vehicles legal, improve accuracy of fuel and mileage tax data, and reduce audit risks
  • Hours of Service Management: Get expert regulatory guidance on data gathered from ELDs, paper logs, and time sheets. This data is aggregated and interpreted for actions to improve hours of service
  • Driver Qualification Management: Ongoing management of DOT driver documents to ensure regulatory compliance, including driver background checks, MVR scoring and reporting, safety performance history records requests, and national registry verification
  • Data Aggregation and Intelligence: Curation of safety and compliance data and dashboard presentations to pinpoint compliance gaps, spot trends, clarify priorities, and custom reports, including predictive analytics for more informed decisions
  • Expert Analysis and Advisement: Continuous curation of data, accuracy and compliance audits, and guidance for mitigating risk to help protect the business. Tap into a network of experts who know the regulations and will make compliance less complicated
  • Data Sharing and Oversight: ThoughtFocus provides Application Program Interfaces (APIs) that automatically share the data collected with your company’s legacy systems, making it visible makes it easier for you to improve safety and compliance across your entire organization
  • Driver Services: Gain the data, insights, and assistance to improve driver safety and DOT compliance, including driver qualification, hours of service, DOT drug and alcohol testing, and others to help minimize the risk of accidents, violations, and legal liability
  • Vehicle Services: We provide solutions for vehicle licensing, registration, IFTA/IRP, base plate renewals, and more to minimize risks, save money, and keep vehicles in compliance

The processes that qualify and onboard commercial drivers have never been under more pressure. ThoughtFocus speeds these processes with a full recruiting and application solution, helping to assure and validate the accuracy of driver information, and integrates with employee systems so data is seamlessly transferred when hires are made.

With ThoughtFocus, you will hire qualified drivers in the shortest time possible, with decisions driven from accurate and validated information. Then, driver information can be integrated directly with qualification files (DQ/FMS).

  • Using ThoughtFocus, hiring managers can post their jobs online through LinkedIn and other job portals to build a pool of qualified candidates. Hiring managers and recruiters can then interact directly with candidates
  • From the job posting, applicants can navigate to an easy-to-use, customized application page that will gather required and relevant information and prompt them to upload all required documents, including a resume, copies of professional certifications, insurance documents, etc.
  • Once the application is otherwise complete, an e-signature can be performed to complete and document the candidate’s application
  • ThoughtFocus validates driver information from third party databases, such as state departments of transportation. This is done through integration and automation when permitted, or manually otherwise to ensure that data submitted is found to be accurate so the best judgments can be made about driver qualification
  • Finally, data for successful applications can be automatically integrated into driver employment systems to assure accurate information and to facilitate onboarding

ThoughtFocus’ Driver Performance Management solution helps companies optimize overall productivity by achieving the best levels of business performance and driver satisfaction. We do this by implementing solutions across the full spectrum of driver performance:

  • Provide continuous education to commercial drivers so their skills are maintained and developed through productive, long-term relationships
  • Ensure that jurisdictional laws, company policies, best practices, and regulatory requirements are consistently met
  • Provide feedback loops to drivers, engaging them in continuously improving their performance
  • Identify and evaluate potentially risky driver behaviors so corrective actions can be taken early and rapidly
  • Provide insights into driver performance through advanced analytics

Driver Performance Management is a complete platform that assesses driver performance. The solution an be expanded into any desired area with the use of vehicle sensors, integration with every available data source, and highly customizable capabilities.

  • Driver Assessments: ThoughtFocus provides a comprehensive platform for assessing the performance of every driver in your fleet. This is done by procuring MVR records as well as through customized, individual scoring so more drivers can be assessed and given valuable feedback in less time. Alerts can be triggered from assessment information when data values appear outside configured thresholds
  • Driver Data Collection: ThoughtFocus can provide systems that capture and collect driver information, yielding insights and potential alerts in real time. Driver behaviors, qualifications, licenses, and skill levels can be used to assign loads and take actions to improve performance. Video data transmission can be added to provide real-time analysis of factors such as driver stress and fatigue
  • Vehicle Data Collection: Each vehicle in your fleet can be equipped with Electronic Devices (ELDs) and monitored for operational capabilities and readiness, including compliance with recommended maintenance schedules, equipment, breakages, and hours of operation
  • Training on Demand: ThoughtFocus can provide an integrated Training on Demand solution or work to expand and diversify your current training solution
  • Regulatory Insights and Updates: ThoughtFocus automatically monitors state and federal government information to identify relevant changes and make alerts when needed so you will always know what state and federal regulations are applicable to every aspect of your operations

Digital documents from drivers, loads, regulatory bodies, and countless other industry sources can proliferate with blinding speed. Having a solution in place to automate the organization, classification, accessing, editing, and sharing of documents – while maintaining security and digitizing them when needed – is more crucial than ever.

ThoughtFocus provides an automated solution that captures, digitizes, organizes, tags, approves, and provides workflow support for your documents with any volume, at any scale, from every source, storing them in the cloud or on-premises, with the security measures you need to protect your business.

We do this while freeing your team from person-years of capturing, sorting, and reviewing documents that can, over time, number in the millions. We will provide the best fit solution for your needs that will quickly become an indispensable business partner, unlocking new levels of productivity from your team, and ensuring that key decisions are made with complete, accurate, and up to date information.