Adaptive data and student analytics for higher education.

Fact sheet  

StudentSights is a student success platform that enhances the campus experience through improved analysis and insights.

Use Student Success Analytics data to nudge students into proactive behaviors. Consolidate data from multiple silos (LMS, academic records, transactions, and even network logs). Understand behaviors that can be shipped and then engage with students across all channels to impact those behaviors.

It helps educational institutions engage students with new digital experiences and provides the insight needed to design services that help students better navigate campus life.

StudentSights also identifies successful students, targets prospects with similar characteristics, and creates effective recruiting campaigns. Spend less time on data processing and cleansing, and more time with actionable insights.

Amplify Your Business Potential

With StudentSights, institutions can quickly go beyond static reports and dashboards and transform the student experience by automating complex data analysis. StudentSights explains how metrics are achieved and delivers the decision intelligence you need to achieve your goals and improve student outcomes.

Want to better understand the capabilities of StudentSights? Request a demo and learn how to:

Get a cohesive view of the student’s performance across multiple platforms.

Support degree planning and identification of at-risk students.

Better measure outcomes across unique student populations.

Aggregate student performance to build institution-specific predictive models.

Identify factors that affect students’ likelihood of completing their degrees.

Understand student class load by risk level and conduct outreach to at-risk students.

Define predictions for specific student groups and then create outreach to guide students to the right resources.

Get in touch to discuss StudentSights decision intelligence and see what it takes to achieve your desired goals. Evolve beyond simple analytics. Take full advantage of decision automation for faster insights, accelerated business outcomes, and a better student experience. Let us show you how.