Hybrid Captive Centers

Hybrid captive hosting for your global sourcing strategies

Offshore operations with greater efficiencies and lower risks? It’s time to go hybrid!

Faced with rising costs and the need to attract and retain skilled IT professionals, more and more companies are turning to offshore operations. ThoughtFocus has a proven track record in setting up Hybrid Captive Centers (HCC), enabling companies to meet their global sourcing and operational needs, while harnessing innovative technologies.

Stand out from the competition with an experienced partner

Make your HCC a competitive differentiator and accelerate your digital transformation. By leveraging the operational excellence of ThoughtFocus, you’ll be able to deliver services better, faster, and more cost effectively. Achieve global efficiencies, obtain 100% transparency of operations, and retain talent and knowledge within your organization.

Our unique advantage:

Leaning on our years of experience in successful HCC operations, you can:

  • Reduce costs as well as legal, financial, and regulatory risks
  • Ensure the adoption of your corporate culture at your HCC
  • Ultimately choose to take on full ownership of the HCC in the future
Advantage of Thoughtfocus


Take your global operations to the next level

Through a structured multi-track process, the experts at ThoughtFocus take care of all aspects of establishing and managing your HCC.

Business Plan & Scope

We help you develop a business plan with clear goals aligned with your corporate strategy.

Infrastructure & Facility Assessment

We manage your facilities, space, and IT infrastructure, while ensuring all security needs and implementing a disaster recovery plan.

HR & Cultural Alignment

Employees are suitably trained, certified, and integrated into your existing corporate culture.

Dual-Branding Approach

A catalyst for attracting and retaining talent, which also helps with your cultural alignment locally.

Change Management

We provide support with the transition to the new HCC as well as communications with your existing employees.

Finance & Legal

All financial, legal, and regulatory processes and compliance are ensured through deep domain expertise.