Big ideas and breakthrough innovations make the history books—the light bulb, antibiotics, the steam engine, the internet, the development of the sharing economy. These developments are awe-inspiring and important, but a strong argument can be made that Henry Ford’s mass production process was even more important than the automobiles it produced.

Often, it’s not groundbreaking discoveries or shiny new technologies that drive the most important innovations. Rather, it’s the inventive organization of people, knowledge, and capital. Quiet innovation builds the frameworks, tools, and know-how to allow people and organizations to relate to one other and their markets differently.

Prashanth Sharma

Vice President of Manufacturing Solutions for ThoughtFocus

Innovation comes in many forms. A new white paper from ThoughtFocus explains how a steady cadence of improvement can transform your organization – one small, quiet innovation at a time.

Opportunities within today’s manufacturing landscape are not necessarily accidental, but they are often unexpected. It is impossible to prepare for every known and unknown possibility. However, it is possible and necessary to strategically construct quiet innovations to build an innovation platform. With a solid innovation platform in place, manufacturers can quickly pivot effectively to respond to crises and opportunities.

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