Accreditation Management
Access Line/Contact Center

ThoughtFocus offers a comprehensive accreditation information management system that easily integrates with current accreditation processes. Use the Accreditation Management system to improve your accreditation process. Fully customizable - create and personalize applications, manage all back-end administration, and connect effortlessly with applicants at all stages of the accreditation process

ThoughtFocus offers a unique, easy-to-use, cloud-based framework that enables your organization to automate end-to-end accreditation processes and add new capabilities for analytics and improved reporting.

With ThoughtFocus, you can reduce your organization’s operating costs significantly, while giving your users an enhanced experience and deeper operational insight.

Deploy it quickly to accelerate time to value. With modern and robust features including compliance management, document management, team selection, site visits and analytics, this software platform has the capability of managing the entire workflow of the accreditation process.

Features include:

Organization & People Management
  • Organization Management
  • People Management
  • Program Management
Process Management
  • Process Configuration
  • Role based authorizations
  • Email Templates
Reference Documentation
  • Compliance Management
  • Policy Integrity
  • Assessment Integration
  • Version Management
Questionnaire Setup
  • Multiple Question Types
  • Document type questions
  • Selection type questions
  • Questionnaire Configuration
Assessment Creation
  • Rules engine
  • Notifications
  • Documents Repository
Document Management
  • Reference Documentation
  • Document Tagging
  • Document Collaboration
Reporting & Analytics
  • Data insights
  • Decision making
  • Reporting

Universities seeking a better way to engage with students (at the right time with the right message) use a multi-channel outreach strategy including direct mail, email, social media, ads, and more. All these touchpoints encourage students to apply and attend.

But what happens when they visit your website or call your 800 number for more information? Do your prospective students get the same experience across all touchpoints?

Are communications and messages consistent? Is the prospective student’s experience seamless?

The Access Line/Contact Center Omni-Channel Suite provides a digitized, customizable, high-productivity contact center application that allows admissions counselors to engage with students across all channels - email, phone, text, SMS, social, and more.

A consistent and engaging user experience is critical.

The Access Line Omni-Channel Suite unifies communication across the entire range of touchpoints. From phone, social, SMS, email and more - everything is in one place.

Advanced offers contextual customer identification, real-time notification, integrated communication, and agent productivity tools like KB integration, search, and case creation to ensure agents are effective.

Supervisors get real-time and historical visibility and insights into the operational efficiency of agents and the utilization across various channels.

The enterprise-grade routing and work distribution engine allows customers to configure agent presence, availability, and routing rules, thus ensuring agents are working on the most relevant engagement.

Specifically designed to address Higher Education challenges at scale, the YANA Omni-Channel Suite is more than a chatbot because it unifies communication across all your departmental silos.

In fact, the Access Line Omni-Channel Suite uses artificial intelligence to answer complex questions relevant to students. Complex queries and interactions with administrative services like advising, housing, financial aid, IT support, and campus events can be easily choreographed.

It’s a win/win.

Students get 24×7 access to personalized information that keeps them engaged.

Administrative departments can reduce the volume of inquiries during peak periods.

Access Line Omni-Channel Suite enables higher levels of student success and administrative efficiency.

Are you ready to give students a better experience? Get in touch today.

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