Payments & Loyalty

Build a digital payments solution that adapts to changing customer needs

The race to digital is on.
Ready to compete?

In the fast-moving payments world, the goalposts are constantly changing. From cash to contactless, to mobile wallets and digital currencies, innovation is as unrelenting as customer expectations.

Growth opportunities abound, but competition is fierce. To stand out, you need to stay agile and continuously meet demand for choice, speed, and convenience.

Innovate at speed

With a partner who knows your business

ThoughtFocus domain experts live and breathe the payments world. We understand your business and what it takes to stay on top. Our agile strategies, solutions, and services help you innovate at speed and create the fast and seamless experiences today’s customers expect. Everything we deliver is tailored to your business, accelerating time to value and driving up efficiency.

Our Unique Advantage

  • Deep domain and technical expertise
  • Highly configurable solution frameworks
  • Unlimited scalability at high performance
  • Unmatched flexibility and customer focus
  • Fail-safe security and ease of compliance
  • Global reach and local expertise

Our Expertise

We serve payment providers, processors, merchants, and ISVs with configurable solutions at the sharp edge of innovation.

Acquiring and Issuing Platforms

Build a robust yet flexible platform for acquiring and issuing transactions. Scale without limits at the same high level of performance.

  • Process transactions with incredible speed and resilience
  • Leverage cutting-edge technology to optimize processes
  • Configure features freely to meet your business needs

Loyalty Solution Platforms

Drive up customer retention with a custom-built loyalty platform, tailored to your brand and the needs of your members and stakeholders.

  • Seamlessly integrate with POS systems for a frictionless loyalty experience
  • Engage and incentivize members with web-based and mobile applications
  • Use innovative technologies to personalize the user experience

Point-of-Sale Solutions

Leverage configurable frameworks to architect innovative POS solutions for traditional, virtual and mobile terminals.

  • Accelerate design, development, testing, and certification
  • Integrate seamlessly with diverse applications, terminals, and devices
  • Innovate and add value with custom development and services

E-Commerce Solution Platforms

Architect a best-in-class omnichannel payment experience. Optimize your existing platform or build a custom solution that better meets your needs.

  • Deliver a seamless experience across multiple channels and devices
  • Make light work of integration with diverse processors, systems, and platforms
  • Minimize PCI scope with a compliance-ready solution

Transaction Routing Platforms

Drive tighter security, higher acceptance rates, and lower costs with our feature-rich and configurable payment gateway framework.

  • Easily customize features, integrations, and certifications to suit your business
  • Enhance merchant control and fraud protection through rule-based transaction routing
  • Integrate effortlessly with multiple payment processors for a frictionless customer experience

Alternative Payments Solutions

Build seamless solutions for cashless person-to-person payments. Tailor features and integrations to unique business and market needs.

  • Orchestrate complex transactions with speed, security, and ease
  • Integrate with voice technologies, SMS gateways, and wallet management engines
  • Accelerate time to value with our configurable transaction management framework

Scaffolding Solutions

Bridge the gap between diverse payment platforms and processors. Ease integration and drive seamless inter-platform communication.

  • Connect disparate platforms or applications within complex payment ecosystems
  • Consolidate diverse transaction types, processing systems, and transaction protocols
  • Minimize PCI scope and simplify certification with a compliance-ready solution

EMV Engineering Services

Ease the burden of EMV certification with our expert advisory, management and engineering services. Mitigate risks, reduce costs, and add value across the entire certification life cycle.

  • Lay the foundation for successful certification with our expert EMV Technical Advisory Service
  • Lighten the load on your business with our end-to-end EMV L3 Certification Management Service
  • Build a fail-safe, compliance-ready solution with our comprehensive EMV Engineering Service

Product Engineering

Accelerate development of innovative custom solutions with our pre-built yet highly configurable products.

  • Easily configure our proven frameworks to the needs of your target market
  • Customize features and interfaces to reflect the uniqueness of your brand
  • Deploy flexibly as a hosted solution (PaaS) or a fully packaged turnkey product


Reshape Your Future

Make the leap from technology to transformation with expert-led services tailored to your business.


Transform data-driven insights into concrete business value.


Take a faster route to the cloud – and digital transformation.


Continuously optimize and add value to your payments infrastructure.


Accelerate value by closing the gap between development and operations.


Accelerate Time to Value

Step into the digital future today with products that address the unique needs of your business.

Transform mobile devices into ready-made mPOS terminals.

Go to market faster with a best-in-class payment processing solution.

Leverage a scalable foundation for switching and routing solutions.

Engage and incentivize customers with a feature-rich loyalty framework.

Simplify and accelerate payment processor integration.

Streamline EMV testing and certification of MSR devices.