ThoughtFocus' payments expertise spans a broad range of solutions and services – all customizable to your unique business needs. With a proven track record in custom development, our experts handle everything from platform optimization to complex EMV engineering, even designing your solution from the ground up.

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ThoughtFocus is a leading expert in the design, development, and customization of acquiring and issuing switch platforms. Leveraging deep technical expertise and industry knowledge, we can build your solution from the ground up, based on our own proven frameworks, or modernize your existing legacy infrastructure. Our teams are skilled at transforming multi-vendor switch architectures into streamlined yet scalable solutions, capable of processing transactions with incredible speed and resilience. All while we remain focused on optimizing your processes, reducing costs, and driving a superior payment experience.

  • A typical solution supports the full spectrum of payment transactions including credit, debit, EMV chip-and-signature, EMV chip-and-PIN, CTLS, ATM, and e-Commerce.
  • Our expertise in advanced encryption technology protects your business – and customers – from fraud and data breaches. Our teams are experienced in point-to-point (P2PE), end-to-end (E2E) and PIN encryption, as well as 3D Secure and tokenization.
  • ThoughtFocus leverages cutting-edge technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence to optimize processes and transaction management. High-performance algorithms drive higher throughput and availability.
  • Our solutions include processing mechanisms for both on-us and off-us transactions, enhancing the payment experience.
  • Tailored functionality supports the entire end-to-end settlement process, including the formulation, reconciliation, and transmission of data between merchant, acquirer, and issuer.
  • In addition to our expertise modernizing legacy systems, ThoughtFocus is skilled in developing custom solutions. Using pre-built products and frameworks, such as our own SparkTransact, we can custom build a solution that’s tailor-made to your business.
  • Our SparkTransact framework integrates seamlessly with all major payment and card networks, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, CUP, and Diners Club.
  • Custom functionality guarantees compliance with card network mandates and certifications. Stand-in-processing and store-and-forward capabilities ensure a seamless payment experience.
  • Our teams are skilled in working with a range of messaging protocols, from legacy standards such as ISO 8583 through to more current formats such as XML and JSON. Whatever your requirements, we tailor your platform to ensure failsafe authentication and authorization.
  • SparkTransact features an inter-process communication framework called XCOM, which facilitates multipoint communication between APIs. Reducing complexity and increasing stability, XCOM drives the highest possible throughput.
  • Continuous updates and enhancements drive peak performance and ensure compliance with industry regulations.

ThoughtFocus develops customized offerings for single-brand and multi-brand loyalty programs. Our loyalty platforms are tailor-made to the individual needs of your brand, delivering the convenience, consistency, and security today’s customers expect. Dedicated web-based and mobile applications engage and incentivize loyalty members, using location technologies to personalize the customer experience.

  • ThoughtFocus designs custom offerings for single-brand and coalition loyalty programs. Easy to deploy across multiple locations, platforms can be built on your existing legacy framework – or on one of our own platforms, such as SparkLoyalty.
  • An end-to-end transaction engine drives speed and consistency, providing a seamless loyalty experience.
  • We build loyalty point-of-sale (POS) applications to handle multiple transaction types, including magnetic stripe cards (MSR), QR codes, card-based or digital barcodes, and Near Field Communication (NFC).
  • Seamless integration with your POS infrastructure unifies the shopping and loyalty experience, driving more cohesive and engaging customer interactions.
  • Custom web portals act as an engagement hub for loyalty members. Responsive design enhances the user experience, as customers browse promotions, manage their spending, and redeem points.
  • State-of-the-art mobile apps provide another gateway to your loyalty program. Geolocation tracking and push notifications enable personalized promotions, optimizing the member experience.
  • Our platforms support gift card and voucher schemes. Cards can be issued in a variety of formats with unique gift card numbers to enable tracking.

ThoughtFocus expertise in point-of-sale (POS) solutions spans traditional, mobile and virtual terminal applications. Our broad-spectrum experience is backed by in-depth technical knowledge – giving us a deep understanding of how best to architect your solution. Our engineers have earned their stripes in a diverse range of projects, from complex in-store platforms to virtual terminal solutions and simple mobile apps. We’re there for our customers across the entire development lifecycle – from concept and design to testing and certification. We can custom build your solution based on our own proven frameworks, or modernize your systems to create new business value. Either way, we strive to deliver a seamless POS solution that is tailored to your business.

Traditional POS Solutions
  • ThoughtFocus has long-standing expertise in designing solutions that integrate with traditional payment terminals such as Ingenico, VeriFone, Pax, and Equinox, driving seamless communication via Ethernet, GPRS, and dial-up
  • Our teams are specially trained in Ingenico and Verifone platforms, giving us more freedom to innovate and add value. We can add custom applications and value-added services to traditional android-based POS devices from providers such as Castles Technology
Mobile POS Applications
  • ThoughtFocus is quick off the mark when it comes to mobile apps, custom building your mPOS application based on our own pre-built framework, where applicable
  • Our expertise in point-to-point and end-to-end encryption maximizes security and eases compliance
  • Our teams work with the latest mPOS innovation including card readers, printers, and all-in-one devices such as BBPOS, ID TECH, MagTek, BlueBamboo, Woosim, and Bixolon
  • Pre-certified SDKs for semi-integrated applications accelerate development for independent software vendors and large-scale retailers
Virtual Terminal Applications
  • ThoughtFocus custom builds browser-based virtual terminal applications that support secure card-present and card-not-present transactions
  • Our teams know what it takes to build a secure semi-integrated architecture. We ensure compatibility between your virtual terminal and common PIN pads from Ingenico, Verifone, and PAX Technology
  • We develop highly secure hosted checkout pages, so merchants can accept payments online while protecting customer data, eliminating the need for excessive PCI compliance
Testing and Certification
  • Our teams take full ownership of EMV testing and certification, using the UL Brand Test Tool and ICC Test Kit to qualify your terminals for contact and contactless transactions

At ThoughtFocus, we know what it takes to build best-in-class omnichannel payment experiences. We have successfully launched e-Commerce solutions for some of the world’s leading retailers. Our experience spans multiple industries and geographies – and we have the technical expertise to solve your most complex payment challenges. Whether you’re looking to optimize an existing open-source platform, or build a custom solution that better meets the needs of your business, our innovative teams and technology deliver a seamless e-Commerce experience across multiple channels and devices.

  • ThoughtFocus can optimize your existing shopping cart platform – or custom build a new storefront from the ground up. Either way, you’ll be sure to get a platform that works for your business and drives a seamless omnichannel experience
  • We’re skilled at building one-click integrations between e-Commerce platforms and payment processors, so you can quickly bring on board new payment methods and enhance the payment experience
  • Our expertise in card-on-file transactions ensures a faster and more secure checkout experience. We specialize in everything from tokenization technology to subscriptions and one-click payments
  • Our teams are experienced in digital payment methods and our expertise spans hosted and open-source e-Commerce platforms, such as Magento, Zen Cart, BigCommerce, and VirtueMart
  • Our experts make light work of complex integrations, building seamless scaffolding between your e-Commerce platform and existing systems such as ERP
  • When it comes to compliance, our solutions have already done the heavy lifting, providing everything you need to minimize and manage PCI scope

ThoughtFocus has been working with payment gateways for over a decade, accompanying their evolution from a simple processing service to the highly intelligent and agile platforms we develop today. Our teams can build your solution from scratch, based on our own in-house frameworks, or remodel your existing systems to drive new value. We have in-depth experience of complex legacy architectures and the expertise to make them work for your business today. Whatever your requirements, our feature-rich platforms drive tighter security, higher acceptance rates, and lower costs.

  • Our proven frameworks provide an optimal starting point for custom development, accelerating time-to-value. Our gateway framework, SparkConnect, comes with pre-built host integrations and certifications. SmartTrams provides an optimized framework for low-code or no-code transaction routing.
  • Our teams are experienced in a range of messaging protocols, from ISO 8583 to XML and JSON. We can also develop custom protocols for greater flexibility and control.
  • A typical solution features rule-based transaction routing algorithms and processing modules, designed to enhance merchant control and fraud protection.
  • Our API-based platforms are designed to integrate seamlessly with multiple payment processors. Slotting effortlessly into your existing digital processes, our solutions drive a smoother omnichannel customer experience.
  • PayFac interfaces ease merchant onboarding, providing Know Your Customer (KYC) checks in real time. Users can easily enable or disable merchants, update settlement options, and manage invoicing and billing cycles.
  • Our solutions include development of pre-certified SDKs for independent software vendors, designed to ease compliance and minimize PCI DSS scope.
  • Our platforms feature intuitive web portals for merchant management, transaction reporting, and reseller management.

At ThoughtFocus, we develop innovative solutions for cashless person-to-person (P2P) payments, each one tailored to the needs of your business – and your local or regional market. We can build your solution from scratch based on our own transaction management framework, or customize your existing platform to drive new business value. Providing users with a simple way to send and receive money, our solutions orchestrate complex transactions with speed, security, and ease. Our expertise spans multiple geographies, providing solutions tailored to your local market, yet equally ready to scale.

  • Our proven transaction management platform, SparkTransact, provides a robust yet flexible foundation for your custom P2P solution, significantly accelerating time-to-value
  • Our teams are experienced architects of mobile-based P2P solutions, tailoring each application to your unique business and customer needs
  • Our solutions integrate effortlessly with Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology, providing customers with a convenient self-service experience and automated authentication
  • Seamless integration with SMS gateways keeps transactions moving, triggering immediate mobile payments and instant digital receipts
  • Our solutions make light work of integration with wallet management engines, providing the speed, convenience, and security your customers have come to expect
  • Our expert engineers can build integrations with any core banking system, ensuring secure management of money transfers and flawless execution
  • Solutions can be customized to support P2P transfers at ATM machines, on online betting sites and utility payment apps, as well as your customers’ mobile phones

ThoughtFocus helps companies bridge the gap between diverse payment platforms and payment processors. With proven expertise in optimizing complex legacy architectures, our teams build custom scaffolding solutions that take the hard work out of integration and drive seamless inter-platform communication. Our design philosophy has been proven across multiple implementations, resulting in agile and scalable solutions that stand the test of time. Our constant commitment to customer value saves your business money and time.

  • ThoughtFocus is experienced in building scaffolding solutions that seamlessly connect disparate platforms or applications within complex payment ecosystems. Each solution is based on deep analysis of individual IT and business needs
  • Our teams have in-depth experience in working with diverse transaction types, multiple different processing systems, and current and legacy transaction protocols
  • Our engineers lean on their strong track records to bring innovative approaches to solution design that ensure optimal communication between disparate payment platforms or subsystems
  • Our unique approach to architecting solutions targets minimal to zero changes on both the POS terminal and processing side, driving lower costs and faster time-to-market
  • Our teams are skilled at minimizing PCI scope and simplifying certification. Easing the burden on your business, we can manage the entire process end-to-end

ThoughtFocus takes the hard work out of EMV certification, providing expert advisory, management and engineering services across the entire certification life cycle. We understand your issues and help you find answers fast, simplifying and accelerating an otherwise painstaking and unpredictable process. We have earned the trust of our customers in numerous certification projects, mitigating risk, reducing costs, and adding business value. With our technical expertise and established industry presence, we quickly take you from where you are – to where you need to be.

Our experts are there for every one of your certification challenges – from scoping and analysis to solution engineering and testing. Our experience spans multiple terminal and certification types, and our automation tools and strong links with leading payment networks significantly shorten cycle times. We can even manage your entire certification end to end, easing the burden on your business and ensuring nothing is left to chance.

Our end-to-end proficiency in EMV engineering comprises the following services:

EMV Technical Advisory Service
  • ThoughtFocus has long-standing expertise in EMV engineering, making us your trusted adviser for all manner of technical challenges. Our recommendations are aimed at mitigating risk and accelerating certification
  • Scoping requirement workshops look closely at your business and technical requirements. Whether you’re expanding your payments infrastructure, or starting from scratch, we assess your EMV readiness and advise on next steps
  • Our consultants carry out in-depth compliance assessments, matching your testing requirements to suitable tools. Targeted seminars transfer expertise to your teams, laying the foundation for successful certification
  • Our subject-matter experts lend their EMV expertise to individual customer projects, providing actionable insights aimed at safeguarding security and easing compliance
EMV L3 Certification Management Service
  • ThoughtFocus takes full ownership of your EMV L3 certification – from initial intake to the final Letter of Approval (LOA) – relieving your business of a complex and unpredictable process
  • Our teams coordinate all contact between vendors, acquirers, and processors, handling all administrative tasks and ensuring critical intake forms are filled out correctly
  • Our experts meticulously execute and validate test cases for EMV and MSR pre-qualification or regression. Where necessary, we test and re-test until the desired results are achieved, leveraging automation to drive up efficiency
  • Our engineers carefully analyze and verify each card log and host log, ironing out any technical issues and, where required, consulting directly with terminal vendors, acquirers, and payment brands
  • We submit all test results and artifacts to the relevant processor or card brand for validation. If further action is required, we re-test rigorously and efficiently until the LOA is in your hands
EMV Engineering Service
  • Our experts manage the entire development process from discovery and design through to testing and certification. Our expertise in EMV engineering ensures a secure and compliant solution
  • We start with a detailed scoping assessment, clearly defining your EMV requirements. At this stage, we also initiate the processor enrollment process and subsequent platform identification
  • When it comes to designing your application or gateway, we leverage a broad range of proven frameworks and accelerators to speed development
  • Our engineers have in-depth expertise in different EMV protocols, so you can be sure your solution delivers the utmost security and compliance
  • We program the interface code between your application/gateway and payment processor to support seamless processing, routing, data mapping, and settlement of EMV transactions
  • During a thorough testing phase, we quickly identify and resolve any defects, and/or coordinate with the customer engineering team, significantly shortening the certification cycle
MPoS solution - TF Pay
Gateway solution - TF Connect
Switch solution - TF Transact
Loyalty Solution - TF Loyalty
Protocol translator - Smartrams

TF Pay provides the essential building blocks for your mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) solution, getting you to market faster with an industry-proven product. Ready to go out of the box, yet easy to make your own, companies can pick and choose which innovative features to deploy. Supporting the full range of mPOS transactions and compatible with Android and iOS, TF Pay delivers speed and convenience on a secure and stable architecture. Our experts can tailor your solution to tick all of your customers’ boxes, while personalizing the user experience to reflect the uniqueness of your brand. With the hard work taken care of, and quality guaranteed, you can enter the market with confidence – ahead of the competition.

  • TF Pay provides standard payment transactions out of the box – from sales and authorizations to voids and refunds. Supported modes include EMV contact and contactless, magnetic swipe, and keyed-in transactions
  • The TF Pay framework can be customized to the needs of multiple merchant types. Whether you’re targeting restaurants, transportation providers, or micro-merchants, the screen flow and features can be adapted to a wide variety of uses cases
  • In cooperation with your teams, our experts ensure the look and feel of your application reflects your corporate design, so you can go to market with a solution that’s uniquely yours
  • TF Pay offers the level of convenience today’s customers expect from a modern mPOS solution. Tip and tax processing and signature capture are all supported, alongside e-mail and printed receipts, thanks to seamless connectivity with mobile printers
  • The TF Pay framework integrates effortlessly with mobile card readers from leading providers such as BBPOS, IDTech, Ingenico, and MagTek
  • Our expertise in end-to-end encryption and cardholder data protection ensures your solution is secure and compliance-ready, minimizing the risk of data breaches
  • Password-protected user access mitigates the risk of fraudulent activity, adding a vital layer of additional merchant protection

TF Connect provides a feature-rich configurable framework for industry-leading transaction processing solutions. Fully brandable and easily customized to the needs of your business, TF Connect accelerates time-to-market, building traction based on proven performance, reliability, and security. Offering full visibility at the transaction level, TF Connect forges seamless links between processors and gateways, and point-of-sale systems and payment terminals. Handling complex integrations with ease, the platform optimizes and accelerates transaction flow, driving a superior – and far faster – payment experience.

  • TF Connect provides best-in-class transaction routing and aggregation services, and convenient web-based merchant management and transaction reporting
  • The framework can be configured to your protocols and processes, meeting your business requirements and reflecting the uniqueness of your brand
  • Pre-built interfaces drive seamless integration with payment processors, gateways and terminals – accelerating development, maximizing performance, and safeguarding compliance
  • All standard payment transactions and messaging protocols are supported, with many more available – and customizable – as required
  • TF Connect comes with rule-based routing logic, easily configurable for BIN-range-based transaction routing, enabling design of concurrent host connections. Additional routing algorithms can be added as custom features to meet your specific business requirements
  • An intuitive web portal provides easy access to information, based on distinct roles and user hierarchies. Key features include:
    • Brandable portal pages that are easily customized to your corporate design
    • Account management capabilities, easing merchant onboarding and increasing transparency and control
    • Customizable e-receipts and geo location capture to enhance marketing efforts and personalize the user experience
    • Detailed transaction reporting with convenient drill-down options, intuitive search features, and flexible export capabilities
  • TF Connect adheres to strict encryption/decryption standards and additional security layers can be custom built if required. The highest level of cardholder data protection mitigates risk and minimizes PCI scope
  • Our expert engineers ensure your solution is fully compliance-ready, accelerating certification and saving costs
  • TF Connect can be deployed flexibly as a hosted solution (PaaS) or a fully packaged turnkey product

TF Transact provides a robust yet scalable framework for acquiring and issuing transactions, accelerating custom development of complex switch solutions. The high-availability architecture comes with industry-proven features, easily configured to fit your business. What sets TF Transact apart is its agility and resilience, handling tens of thousands of transactions with a near-zero impact on performance. Based on years of ThoughtFocus expertise in technically challenging solutions, TF Transact also reflects our understanding of the changing payments landscape. Whether you’re an independent sales organization, payment processor, large retailer, or financial institution, TF Transact takes you to market faster with a proven and powerful solution.

  • TF Transact supports the end-to-end processing cycle for acquiring and issuing transactions, formulating, reconciling, and transmitting data between merchant, acquirer, and issuer
  • TF Transact connects seamlessly with virtually any card brand, terminal, or device. The framework provides high-performance processing for the full range of payment transactions – including credit, debit, EMV contact and contactless, ATM, and e-commerce
  • The TF Transact framework comes with a plethora of industry-proven features – from merchant onboarding and fraud management to stand-in processing and BIN management. Capabilities can be flexibly configured to deliver the best value for your business
  • TF Transact offers unlimited scalability, supporting any number of users, terminals, and merchants – at the same high level of performance. The framework is designed to handle high-throughput environments with typical processing requirements of over 700 transactions per second with 99.99% resilience
  • Cutting-edge intelligent technologies drive higher throughput and availability. Thanks to dynamic routing and asynchronous queues, TF Transact delivers rapid quick-fire responses, even at high volumes
  • TF Transact features our inter-process communication framework, called XCOM, supporting multipoint communication between APIs. Reducing complexity and increasing stability, XCOM drives the highest possible throughput
  • Fully brandable, TF Transact provides a flexible foundation for your private-label switch solution. Supporting multiple institutions, currencies, languages, and channels, TF Transact covers all the bases, saving you time and money
  • TF Transact conforms to rigorous industry standards, so you can build a secure and compliant solution that is certification-ready
  • ThoughtFocus offers flexible deployment models to suit the needs of your business, providing TF Transact as a hosted solution (PaaS) or a packaged turnkey product

TF Loyalty provides a proven framework for custom loyalty solutions, increasing customer retention and enhancing brand perception. Whether you need a single-brand solution across multiple locations, or a coalition platform for a host of merchants and partners, TF Loyalty can be tailored to the precise needs of your business. An innovative rules engine manages rewards, redemptions, and promotions, calculating ratios that keep every stakeholder happy. With a high-performance architecture, backed up by innovative features, you can race to market faster with an industry-proven product.

  • A high-performance transaction-processing engine engages multiple merchants, partners, and members in a seamless loyalty experience
  • TF Loyalty supports multiple transaction types, including magnetic stripe cards (MSR), QR codes, card-based or digital barcodes, and Near Field Communication (NFC)
  • Seamless integration with your POS infrastructure unifies the shopping and loyalty experience, driving increasingly consistent and engaging customer interactions
  • An innovative rules engine calculates rewards, redemption, discounts, and fees, finding the best ratio to suit partners, merchants and members
  • A secure web-based portal engages and incentivizes members, providing a convenient one-stop location to manage points and promotions. Responsive design enhances the user experience, driving up customer engagement and identification with the brand
  • A dedicated web portal serves administrators, merchants, and partners, with privileges customizable to differing user roles. Intuitive features ease merchant and partner onboarding, while providing ample opportunity to manage and foster relationships
  • State-of-the-art mobile apps provide another gateway to your loyalty program. Geolocation tracking and push notifications enable personalized promotions, optimizing the member experience
  • Transparent real-time monitoring and flexible reporting options give clear and actionable insights into the effectiveness of customer promotions
  • Fully brandable, TF Loyalty is easy to make your own, providing a superior user experience that reflects the uniqueness of your brand
  • Fail-safe security standards ensure data is protected, fully encrypting member account details and all user credentials
  • ThoughtFocus offers flexible deployment models to suit the needs of your business, providing TF Loyalty as a hosted solution (PaaS) or a packaged turnkey product

SMARTRAMS takes the hard work out of connecting with payment processors, slashing integration times and speeding time to market. Performing complex integrations without additional coding, SMARTRAMS reduces your development effort from months to a matter of days. Functioning as a ready-made payment gateway development kit, SMARTRAMS comes with pre-built templates and a comprehensive data matching library. This makes it easier to recognize and interpret the unique data fields used by different processors, dramatically simplifying the data mapping process. Ultimately, SMARTRAMS takes you to market faster, driving a seamless payment experience.

  • SMARTRAMS easily interprets and integrates with a diverse range of different data fields, thanks to a unique data field normalization and matching library
  • RESTful APIs drive seamless connections with payment processors, using the flexible JSON format to map data
  • Ready-made templates allow teams to define specific rules, accelerating data mapping to the required fields. Conditional mapping is also available
  • SMARTRAMS leverages industry-standard security protocols and authorization frameworks, ensuring your data is protected at all times. This includes the data matching library, which complies with the highest security standards
  • SMARTRAMS comes with comprehensive documentation to supplement an already user-friendly interface. Customers also benefit from regular enhancements and software updates, as well as 24/7 support

TCube features a suite of transaction test tools, designed to accelerate certification of magnetic stripe reader (MSR) devices. Automating testing and validation, TCube streamlines an otherwise painstaking process, achieving new levels of accuracy and transparency. Speeding through hundreds of test cases in record time, TCube simulates processor integrations and transaction processing across multiple payment brands and devices. Automating the entire process end to end dramatically reduces your testing effort – from days or weeks to minutes or hours. This accelerates EMV certification, reducing costs and speeding time to market.

  • TCube analyzes the list of MSR test cases provided by the processor, automatically executing these at speed and validating the results
  • Leveraging automation, TCube has the capacity to execute hundreds of test cases per hour, a task that would usually take days to complete manually
  • When test cases fail, TCube pinpoints exactly where the issue lies, so developers know what needs to be fixed and why. This avoids unnecessary iterations and a prolonged back-and-forth between the payment service provider and processor
  • TCube generates MSR tracking data, eliminating the need to purchase, and continuously update, physical cards
  • A transparent four-level tree view categorizes MSR test cases by card brand, industry, and transaction type, making it easier to identify patterns in any defects
  • TCube features convenient recovery capabilities, so that testing can be picked up from a previous day without impacting the efficacy or validity
  • Test cases are fully documented, providing a clear description of the test procedure and expected results, increasing the clarity and transparency for developers
  • Detailed reporting on test execution keeps stakeholders updated on the status of certification. Users can create transparent reports within the system and export these easily to MS Excel