Advanced, technology-enabled solutions, business process outsourcing, and re-engineering services for the entire lending and mortgage ecosystem.

We are experts in

Loan Origination
Verification Services
Underwriting Services
Settlement Services
Loan Closing
Loan Servicing
Default Management
Title and Escrow
Commercial Lending

With domain expertise and technical experience across the entire commercial, wholesale, and residential mortgage lifecycle, ThoughtFocus provides flexible engagement models and customizable solutions that reduce capital expenses and overhead, including:

  • Application processing
  • Underwriting support
  • Risk assessment
  • Initial disclosures
  • Compliance review

Business value is quickly achieved through the intelligent use of technology to streamline processes combined with the thoughtful use of scalable teams to manage the technology. Typical targets for immediate impact include:

  • Digitization of loan application forms
  • Verification of documents
  • Employment verification
  • Quality control by a third-party service

In short, our technology enabled business operations, technology solutions, and flexible engagement models are designed to help you address constraints and tap into new opportunities quickly.

Mortgage loan origination involves application acceptance, application processing, underwriting of the loan, managing disclosures, compliance reviews, various QA/QC steps, and, of course, release of the loan.

Increasing regulatory oversight and competition for talent means that each of these processes are time consuming, detail heavy, and time sensitive. For lenders, the complexity of the process requires a heavy investment in technical infrastructure and a well-trained, professional staff.

All these market pressures are forcing lenders to transform their origination process to drive greater efficiencies and deepen customer relationships.

ThoughtFocus can help you digitize and perfect your origination processes (retail, wholesale, or correspondent). By combining the expertise of industry veterans with a deep-technical understanding of the origination process, ThoughtFocus is ready to help you deliver an outstanding origination experience, automate and simplify internal workflow, increase operating capacity, and scale faster.

Previous loan origination projects include:

  • Credit pre-qualification service
  • Broker portal
  • Automated, configurable pricing model
  • Automated Underwriting Service (AUS)
  • Loan origination straight-through processing
  • Setting up of technology aided processes for Residential and Commercial mortgages/loans
  • Application > Review > Underwriting > Closing > Post-Close Quality Control
  • Title Search using RPA

Borrowers want a fast and hassle-free digital experience.

With verification automation and back-office business operations services from ThoughtFocus, lenders can scale faster – whether working with third-party verification services or letting us manage the entire process. With ThoughtFocus as a partner, lenders mitigate operational risk and scale faster.

ThoughtFocus provides domain expertise, technology solutions, and support services in the following areas:

  • Credit verifications
  • Property tax search
  • Background checks
  • Verification of deposits
  • Verification of employment
  • Due diligence

As businesses move into an increasingly digital environment, being able to automate and create efficiencies to manage the customer or borrower experience has become more important than ever.

ThoughtFocus’ technical and Digital Operations capability is dedicated to helping our lenders transform their operations through the intelligent use of technology, workforce scalability, and process improvement techniques.

With ThoughtFocus on your side, it’s a win-win in so many ways.

The “new normal” is here. Lenders that enhance processes and meet consumer expectations for speed, ease-of-use, and convenience will thrive. One method for delivering better customer experiences depends on lender’s ability to use multiple third-party sources to gain insights and faster decisions about loan applications.

ThoughtFocus supports lenders by delivering technology and process outcomes. As a Digital Operations expert, ThoughtFocus can support any number of processes and technologies.

ThoughtFocus has deep expertise in verification processes and technology – including employment verification and income required documents such as pay stubs, bank statements and other borrower-provided paperwork, ThoughtFocus will reduce errors and improve process efficiency.

Want to learn how to leverage and streamline various verification processes? Ask about our expertise with the following technical functions and processes:

  • Consumer Reporting Agency (3rd party credit verifiers)
  • Order fulfillment platform for CRAs (Credit Reporting Agencies)
  • Experience with API (Application Program Interface) connectivity to 3rd party service providers such as credit bureaus, Lexis-Nexis, Work Number, Core Logic, FNMA, FHLMC etc.
  • Loan Origination System connectivity such as Encompass, Calyx Point
  • Tri-merge reporting
  • FICO/Vantage Score ‘what-if’ simulators– we have used Machine Learning to mimic the model and we are within 10 points of the bureaus’ own scores

ThoughtFocus makes the underwriter’s life easier.

ThoughtFocus is a leading provider of technology optimization and workforce scalability for mortgage underwriting services.

Underwriting is a crucial step in the mortgage process because borrower reliability is decided. ThoughtFocus helps lenders collect the applicant’s data in one place – with all exceptions flagged and all next steps defined. With all data centralized and actionable, underwriters make accurate decisions faster and reduce risk.

Recent projects and use-cases have included:

  • Underwriting process support
  • Predict probability of default
  • Credit scoring mechanism
  • Supply decisions-based information to borrower and loan officer
  • Aid processors and loan officers in understanding underwriting decisions and conditions

With ThoughtFocus and our Digital Operations methodology, underwriters are transforming how they do business. Digital Operations looks at the entire underwriting process holistically and seeks innovative ways to combine people, processes, and technology to achieve cost efficiency and process-driven improvements while destroying organizational silos and delivering better borrower experiences.

With ThoughtFocus and Digital Operations, lenders are:

  • Closing loans faster
  • Increasing loan volume
  • Accelerating turn-around time and closings
  • Reducing the cost of hiring in-house underwriters and processors

Faced with increased market pressure and a need to remain relevant for clients, mortgage and lending leaders are steering their strategy to scale and optimize organizational performance. With ThoughtFocus and our Digital Operations methodology, you can quickly adopt a combination of tools, technologies, and processes that fundamentally rethink and reimagine internal and external underwriting processes and functions.

Mortgage closing is a complex and often disjointed process.

ThoughtFocus provides market-leading expertise in mortgage settlement services and provides a scalable process for closing mortgages in an efficient, compliant, and error-free manner.

Work with ThoughtFocus to streamline, digitize, and scale these critical processes:

  • Gather and collect all documents (loan estimates, inspection reports, disclosures, title search, insurance, appraisals, flood certificates, and more)
  • Review property title for lawsuits, taxes, judgements, and liens then arrange the files in the right sequence to improve the customer experience
  • Automate collaboration with settlement companies on taxes, fees, and escrow
  • Conduct final evaluations of recorded legal rights, review the property’s chain of title, review the plat of survey, and more
  • Prepare a closing statement instruction document then send it to the funding department with wiring instructions, insurance and more
  • Perform a final review of the loan application for errors

For organizations looking to reduce operating costs, increase revenue, and accelerate turnaround times, ThoughtFocus can help.

With our Digital Operations methodology, we can help you find opportunities to automate, optimize, eliminate, and transform settlement services. The result? Reduced operating costs, greater scale faster, and fewer hiring and training headaches.

By using innovative digitization technologies such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Machine Learning, AI (Artificial Intelligence), and advanced analytics, we can accelerate your settlement processes even further.

Operating from multiple global delivery centers, you can now leverage the advantages of “following the sun” to keep your operations running 24x7.

Why work with ThoughtFocus?

  • Highly trained mortgage processors working full-time
  • Deep domain expertise with regulatory requirements
  • Standardized and automated back-office speed settlement
  • Flexibility to scale up and down – to better meet fluctuations in demand
  • Highly transparent operations and communication
  • 100% data confidentiality and privacy

Closing support requires a deep understanding of the entire loan lifecycle.

ThoughtFocus provides technology and back-office support for the loan closing process from complete process re-engineering to cost-effective management of important sub-tasks including title reviews, managing closing statements, and more.

Assessing data integrity and documenting quality control activities is people intensive and time consuming for lenders. Outsourcing mortgage technology processes and sub-tasks is hugely beneficial in terms of efforts, time savings, and cost.

Faced with increased market pressure and a need to remain relevant for clients, mortgage and lending leaders are steering their strategy to scale and optimize organizational performance.

With ThoughtFocus and our Digital Operations methodology, you can quickly adopt a combination of tools, technologies, and processes that fundamentally rethink and reimagine internal and external closing processes and functions.

Let ThoughtFocus show you opportunities to capture lost profit by understanding and fine-tuning your operations. By looking at the entire loan closing process as a system of systems, lenders are:

  • Closing loans faster
  • Increasing loan volume
  • Accelerating turn-around time and closings
  • Reducing the cost of hiring in-house underwriters and processors

For Mortgage Loan Servicers, ThoughtFocus supports all the internal and external operational tasks that drive efficiency and profit.

Mortgage servicers looking to differentiate with a better customer experience turn to ThoughtFocus.

From digitizing the entire statement/payment process to streamlining escrow, we are ready to help you create a seamless user experience.

Areas of expertise include:

  • Remittance and investor reporting
  • Service agreements
  • Customer service
  • Default services
  • Escrow management
  • Property and Casualty (P&C) Insurance
  • Tax assignment

Additional Loan Servicing Capabilities include:

  • Multiple geographies for 24x7 operations
  • Automation enabled solutions
  • Global domain experts
  • Default Servicing

The ThoughtFocus team has deep expertise in helping loan servicers manage their portfolios efficiently and with total transparency.

Customer retention offers a clear path to increased profitability. Mortgage servicers rely on ThoughtFocus to scale, optimize organizational performance, and dramatically improve the customer experience. Using the Digital Operations methodology, automation, best-in-class platforms (ERP, CRM, etc.), workforce scalability, and process improvement techniques, loan servicers are achieving a better future, faster.

ThoughtFocus' strengths:

  • Long-term experience with large complex clients across all mortgage processes
  • Significant presence in mortgage and lending for digital operations engagements in emerging markets
  • Strong presence in loan document management and indexing
  • RPA/AI driven solutions to increase efficiency of manual processes
  • Well-defined methods and models to deploy hybrid captive delivery centers
  • Flexible service delivery models

ThoughtFocus’ specialization is using and deploying solutions that overall improve service levels for mortgage companies in terms of customer experience.

Talk to us about our specific expertise in the following areas:

  • Platform to perform remittance calculation and investor reporting
  • Fees and incentives calculation
  • Principal and Interest, Escrow collections
  • Reconciliation of book against the custodian accounts
  • Loss computation and certification
  • Automated bank feeds

ThoughtFocus delivers a single, unified set of services, technology, and human capital solutions across all stages of default management and all areas of loan servicing.

When loans are at risk of default (or have gone into default) servicers need to support borrowers and show compliance with evolving regulations.

Let us show you how our teams can strengthen your loss mitigation strategies with technology expertise, industry knowledge and proven process optimization across your entire spectrum of assets, from performing through non-performing loans.

Get in touch when you are ready to deliver efficient, compliant, and streamlined execution to help you minimize loss and maximize productivity.

Default management services include technical optimization and business process outsourcing. From improving loan modification, disposition, or claims processing, ThoughtFocus’ team of skilled mortgage experts can help.

Count on us for:

  • Improved process efficiencies
  • Expertise with various workout terms Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FHA, USDA and VA
  • Data consistency and integrity
  • Enhanced risk management
  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Address regulatory requirements
  • Improved risk mitigation

Highly skilled teams are needed for mortgage title support, research, ordering, and related compliance and regulatory tasks (a time-consuming process by itself).

ThoughtFocus provides technology, process, and scalable workforce solutions across a wide area of mortgage title and escrow support services.

Mortgage title and escrow support services include:

  • Title Support – including ordering support, title examination, title commitment, policy production, settlement and closing support
  • Title Commitments - obtained from the title company after the completion of the search
  • Title Ordering - obtain the specific details of the title company from the loan officer and order the title report for the property
  • Title Examination - business-critical processes that protect the lender against fraud

Highlights - Technology Services Portfolio

  • Advanced document management with integration into Loan Origination System (LOS) and Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems
  • Proprietary chatbot application framework using Natural Language Processing (NLP) and IBM Watson cognitive computing capabilities
  • Our AccueBot tools can be applied to any process workflow to achieve efficiency gains through Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  • Extensive experience in business intelligence and data analytics to supply mortgage and predictive analytics solutions for operational insights

ThoughtFocus’ Digital Operations Services transform traditional BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) into an intelligent driver of innovation and efficiency by using an optimized mix of people, process, and technology (like NLP, RPA, and AI).

Improving back-office operations for title and escrow translates to ROI quickly because it delivers extra scale, faster.

Across the lending landscape, ThoughtFocus’ Digital Operations teams will help you find new levels of operational resilience, quality and speed. Get in touch, learn how our Digital Operations roadmap helps you achieve breakthrough growth in three areas:

Automation: Reinvent business models by delivering sophisticated, real-time insight capabilities - including data analysis, governance and advanced process knowledge. Let us show you how to invest in technological advancements that supply high value for business operation improvements.

Scalability and Growth: Scale faster with integrated automation tools and technologies that transform the performance and effectiveness of your business processes.

Results Guaranteed: Our business is making your business grow. Let us show you how we improve efficiency and drive greater results with higher returns.

The commercial lending process is complex. Process inefficiencies take your attention away from clients. ThoughtFocus can help digitize, scale, and better manage your lending operations so you can focus on your clients and their needs.

Ready to modernize lending operations, expedite credit decisions, and deliver a better customer experience?

Work with ThoughtFocus to fast track your digital transformation.

From modernizing your IT with application support, cloud, and integrations, we can connect your enterprise, and automate your business.

With ThoughtFocus, the results speak for themselves: agility, speed, and scalability.

ThoughtFocus can help you manage and improve all of your commercial lending processes with technology and process optimization.

From origination to underwriting, from due diligence to closing, we’re ready now to help you:

  • Increase speed and efficiency
  • Reduce credit losses
  • Focus on a better customer experience
  • Accelerate decision making
Application Development
QA / Quality Engineering Services
Legacy Modernization

ThoughtFocus tackles a wide range of application needs enabling clients to meet mission critical, complex business goals with speed and ease. We have delivered highly automated, state of the art application environments for some of the toughest challenges: ground-breaking mobility solutions, end-to-end design and development of eCommerce platforms; Loyalty and Rewards programs; intuitive, customer-facing risk management solutions; and highly complex web development and dashboard projects.

Every project is approached with thorough knowledge of the best-fit industry standard tools, and a wealth of utilities developed uniquely to meet a growing array of project demands. We assure success with experienced project managers dedicated to complete transparency, measured progress, and proven, methodical approaches to day-by-day problem solving.

The ThoughtFocus engineering approach is to deliver scalable, easily maintained applications engineered for future needs. Our robust and continually enhanced delivery framework ensures that projects are delivered on time, within budget, and with demonstrated high quality. Every ThoughtFocus development project is executed with a proven approach:

Assessment and Strategy
  • Assess the current, as is scenario
  • Identify the ideal transformation strategy for each environment and set of business needs
  • Coordinate vendor evaluations to help select the ideal tools and technologies
Customer experience design
  • Mapping the customer journey from end to end to ensure the best user experience
  • We bring UX experts to each project to assure the optimum customizations
Omnichannel eCommerce
  • Designing and building eCommerce applications that are accessible from multiple devices, with a mobile-first approach when desired
Analytics and data visualization
  • Enterprise-wide data management and data governance
  • Complex multi-technology solutions
  • Data visualization in real time
Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Firmware and gateway design and development
  • Comprehensive suite of Quality Assurance services
  • Automation, using bots and artificial intelligence as desired for maximum efficiency – including efficiency gains over time with machine learning

A Quality Assurance (QA) partner must weave together a full breadth of service offerings, tools, expertise, methodologies, and practice area expertise. ThoughtFocus will partner with your product teams, enabling them to focus on achieving the best business outcomes while minimizing concerns with application reliability. Our approach is to identify and focus on areas that can be automated, delivering rapid business ROI. We perform the verification and validation to ensure your products and applications are delivered just in time at low cost.

To deliver the best QA solutions, ThoughtFocus has powerful alliances with leading tool vendors for testing and proven engineering expertise in building products and enterprise applications. By taking a product-centric approach, we ensure ongoing flexibility and futureproofing of our clients’ technology. ThoughtFocus offers:

Digital Testing Services
  • API and Microservice Testing
  • Extreme Automation
  • Mobility, Agile and DevOps Testing
  • Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning
  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Cloud Testing Services
Core Testing Services
  • System Testing and System Integration Testing
  • Smoke Testing and Regression Testing
  • User Acceptance Testing
Test Consulting
  • Assess, Build and Deploy
Specialized Testing Services
  • Security Testing
  • Performance Testing Services
Regulatory Compliance
  • Aerospace Verification and Validation
  • Regulatory Compliance Testing (GDPR, PCI DSS, and more)

The goal of DevOps is to deliver high quality solutions with shorter life cycles. ThoughtFocus accomplishes this through the expertise of its experienced DevOps strategists and planners, proven technologies, and project methodologies. We begin by assessing your existing environment and readiness for agile adoption, determining the best opportunities for productivity gains through automation, and developing the optimum solution architecture for each project.

Then, our playbook-driven methodology and thorough, documented assessments ensure the best recommendations for the ideal DevOps outcomes – with minimal resource consumption over the long term for maximum DevOps value.

ThoughtFocus offers advisory services, customized end-to-end DevOps implementation, and managed operations and monitoring to assure your technology investments. ThoughtFocus DevOps solutions are designed for enterprises with best-in-class cloud management including automation, optimization, governance, and security.

24/7 Managed Operations
  • Automation study
  • Process identification
  • Workflow identification
  • Management
  • Deployment support
  • Patch updates
  • Log management
  • Incident management
  • Change management
  • Service request management
  • Problem management
Cost Optimization
  • Track cloud utilization
  • Capacity management
  • Upsize and downsize servers
  • Automated start/stop of non-production systems
  • Deletion of unused services
  • Re-architecture development for better performance
  • Spot instance planning
  • Multi-cloud strategy
Governance & Reporting
  • ITSM-based ticketing tool
  • ITIL framework-based project management
  • PMP Certified service delivery managers
  • Strict adherence to defined SLAs
  • Multiple cloud accounts management
  • Access management
  • Daily, weekly, monthly reports
  • Uptime reports
Security & Compliance
  • Cloud-native security
  • Access management
  • VPN support
  • Firewall support
  • SSL management
  • DDoS monitoring and support
  • WAF management
  • Anti-virus protection
  • DNS management
  • Vulnerability assessments
  • Server encryption

Enterprise systems perform best when continuously maintained and upgraded, but advances in technology – including cloud solutions, artificial intelligence, and machine learning – mean it can take far too long to benefit from major upgrades. ThoughtFocus' Legacy Modernization solution is applied to legacy systems that are due for structural change to yield the greatest business value. Then, a customized solution is structured that identifies the best path to unlocking quantum improvements in business value from legacy systems.

ThoughtFocus determines the best modernization approach and project structure for each engagement.

ThoughtFocus Legacy Modernization projects typically begin by mapping the application portfolio for a given business area while maintaining a focus on the critical business goals the legacy system are meant to fulfill. This map then serves to drive the transformation journey. Other modernization features:

  • Perform a thorough “as is” determination of the existing system landscape in light of current business priorities
  • Determine the optimal modernization model to apply, and defining a set of engineering guidelines to govern the implementation
  • As plan execution begins, detailed requirements are defined along with a roadmap and implementation plan, and potential quick wins are identified to speed the capture of business value from the new solution
  • During the execution phase, ThoughtFocus designs the future architecture together with design standards and guidelines
  • Quick wins are implemented, and requirements are validated
  • User Acceptance Testing (UAT) is implemented and feedback from the UAT phase is captured and implemented
  • Finally, each modernized system is thoroughly documented and handed over to the customer support team