Independent verification and validation services ensure your product, service, or system meets requirements and purpose

What do you want to achieve? Leverage our robust capabilities and domain expertise in all facets of validation and verification.

  • Eliminate resource constraints
  • Boost analytical and technical capabilities
  • Transform processes
  • Harness and automate transactional data
  • Reduce complexity

ThoughtFocus supports manufacturers with a variety of engineering capabilities across avionics, aircraft structures, power plant and electrical/electronic systems, pneumatic and hydraulic systems, interior and inflight entertainment design. We offer complete, nose-to-tail product engineering, design, manufacturing, testing, certification and delivery.

Our sophisticated engineering capabilities and tools include:
  • Computational dynamics
  • Detailed analyses: statistical, thermal, structural, frequency, finite elements
  • Drawings and blueprinting
  • Industrial engineering time studies
  • Value stream mapping
  • Manufacturing layout and design
  • 3D modeling and printing of mechanical components
  • Serialized parts planning
  • Broad-based simulation capabilities
  • Industrial engineering
  • Reverse engineering
  • Software development/testing/verification/certification
  • Hardware design
  • Human-Machine Interface
  • GUI prototyping, modelling, simulation, testing and verification

From concept to aftermarket, lifecycle engineering, development, support, repair, and replacement services, including:

  • Product engineering & design
  • Concept and design development
  • Validation, analysis, and certification

Produced and delivered worldwide. ThoughtFocus offers a rapid-response, affordable, offshore alternative for regulatory and mission compliant documentation, such as:

  • Maintenance and repair manuals
  • Flight and cabin crew operator manuals
  • Aircraft schematics and wiring diagrams/manuals
  • Illustrated parts documents, manuals, and catalogs

Complete production management and support of new and replacement/reverse engineered products:

  • Product design analysis and validation
  • Manufacturing engineering support
  • Work plans development
  • Tooling design for a new production
  • 1st Article inspection for original-new and new-replacement parts
  • Production capacity analysis
  • Production floor management and support
  • Test fixtures, quality test, and inspection
  • Continuing compliance and certification

Improve warehousing, fulfillment, and distribution through greater efficiencies and cost awareness:

  • Process Design – SCOR Model
  • Supply management and asset value protection
  • Vendor sourcing and supplier management
  • Bid preparation and analysis
  • Supplier quality certification and compliance
  • Procurement planning and operations
  • Fulfillment workflow analysis and support
  • Delivery analysis and assurance
  • Trade Compliance – HTS classification, export license management

Targets vital aftersales customer support, parts lifecycle management, and asset value optimization, including:

  • Service Life Cycle Management- MSG-3, reliability
  • Technical publication and documentation management
  • Warranty management
  • MRO/Repair service operations overhaul and support
  • Repair management
  • Service parts & distribution planning
  • Inventory warehousing and fulfillment
  • Call center, tech support, and customer care services
  • STC certifications
  • Teardown and parts harvesting, management and sales
  • Aftermarket PMA/DER Repair

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