An end-to-end process for creating systematic insights, modernizing core platforms, accelerating business outcomes, and de-risking transformation

When most think of innovation, they think of new products, processes and business models that deliver commercial value and accelerate growth opportunities. We think of strong foundations as enablers for innovation. Without a solid technical foundation and infrastructure in place, innovation is just not possible. Get our white paper titled "Quiet Innovation Leads Game Changing Manufacturing Enhancements" and learn how infrastructure and analytics can level the playing field.

The lines between analytic systems and transactional systems have blurred. With new cloud systems and architectures, data is both generated by systems and it also powers systems. ThoughtFocus can enable integration of data across departments, teams and even companies, and makes data available to any application that wants it. With ThoughtFocus as your partner, your new data architectures are flexible, scalable and maintainable, in real time.

Get in touch, let us show you our end-to-end process for creating systematic insights, modernizing core platforms, accelerating business outcomes, and de-risking transformation.

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A symbiotic relationship exists between architecture, systematic insights, business platforms, cloud, and improved business outcomes. True transformation requires equal focus on each of these critical capabilities. Let’s talk about ways to avoid many common technical pitfalls:

  • Compromises based on legacy back-office architecture, capabilities, or processes
  • Failure to balance investment in customer facing systems and supporting internal platforms
  • Sub-standard employee workflows or systems which invariably impact morale and the overall customer experience
  • Rigid governance and overall lack of agility that hinders the ability to keep up with evolving customer requirements

Infrastructure and Analytics Capabilities include:

Data Architecture

Data architecture services deliver game-changing, cloud-enabled scalability that enables faster time-to-market. ThoughtFocus’ data architecture experts help you rapidly build, test, and QA your architecture with sound change management principles built into the framework.


When you migrate from legacy to cloud technology, you enable more agile and flexible operations. This allows efficient scaling and provisioning of resources based on true demand. A cloud roadmap from ThoughtFocus will help you get from now to next efficiently and quickly.

Insights and Analytics

With all the news around predictive analytics, and machine learning, ThoughtFocus works to improve business outcomes by getting the data insights that matter to the people who need them so that you can quickly improve business outcomes.

System Integration and Modernization

Supporting real-time information flow means integrating and modernizing systems so your multiple pieces are experienced as one – creating a cohesive environment that drives employee efficiency, reduces operating costs, and increases customer satisfaction.

Business Process Automation

Agility is needed to support a modern, agile manufacturing workforce. ThoughtFocus helps manufacturers tackle challenges with comprehensive business process automation roadmaps. When data and applications are decoupled, it becomes possible to automate processes and rapidly deliver predictable business outcomes.