Loan Purchase Management System (LPMS)

Document management process automated with LPMS

Fact sheet  

With LPMS, manual processes are reduced while speed, turnaround time, and accuracy are increased

For buyers of loans in the secondary market, TF LPMS is a Software as a Service platform that supports the entire loan purchase lifecycle with various modules and portals for sellers, operations, TPRs (Third Party Reviewers), affiliates (loan productions arms), and offshore teams. TF LPMS automates critical workflows and allows the various participants to collaborate on a single medium - effectively increasing the speed and accuracy entire process.

The TF LPMS platform uses NLP-based document extraction technology to automate the identification of loan documents.

Amplify your Business Potential

SaaS solution

Accepts bid tapes from different sellers in the secondary market.

LPMS customization

Automates due diligence, reduces errors and accelerates approval times.

Fully brandable

Improves collaboration with all affiliates to the transaction.