Unified and adaptive learning analytics for student success

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Learningly is a learning analytics platform that facilitates adaptive learning through data analysis. It provides powerful analytics on student engagement, learner progress, and instructor activity.

For professors, Learningly helps adapt courses to a student’s individual needs and tracks their progress by analyzing real-time student performance, allowing courses to be customized more easily based on student needs. Learningly also provides rich engagement analytics through different learning ecosystems.

Learningly can be used to consolidate data across multiple LMSs (Learning Management System) -and act as a system of record for all learning data. Depending on your use case, Learningly can also be used as a tool that feeds other data into other systems.

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Learningly facilitates adaptive learning through data analysis and provides insightful analytics against Student Engagement, Learner Progress, and Instructor Activity KPIs across multiple domains and learning platforms. Leading universities use Learningly to analyze real-time performance data of students, help professors adapt their courses to each of their students, and track student progress.

Using the real-time performance of students, Learningly helps administrators understand student progress by using rich engagement analytics across multiple systems. Have questions about student performance? Use Learningly to drill down quickly and identify actionable cohorts for messaging campaigns or interventions.

Quickly build adaptive data analytics dashboards for your KPIs, including:

student engagement

Student engagement.

Progress with Learningly

Learner progress.

Risk analysis with learningly

Learner at-risk.

Learningly overview

Course overview.

Engagement with learningly

Instructor engagement.

Analytics with learningly

Enrollment analytics.

Case Study: US based university system wanted to accelerate student success by identifying and impacting student behaviours.

ThoughtFocus analysed the real-time performance data of students and proposed a series of rapid tests.

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