Higher Education

Higher education services to address complex challenges and explore opportunities for your institutions

Student success is institutional success. Let us show you the way.

Higher education institutions today seek faster, more strategic outcomes. Student success is driven by a renewed focus on a better digital experience, recruitment/retention, and the setup and administration of organizational systems powering human capital management. Fixing dysfunctional processes and addressing lack of alignment can drive amazing gains in organizational efficiency.

ThoughtFocus solutions improve student success through personalized digital experiences.

We apply insights from analytics and create self-service capabilities to reduce operating expenses and improve productivity. Digital integration automates workflows with a more efficient, secure, and sustainable infrastructure.

Our Expertise

ThoughtFocus solves big problems for mission-focused institutions of higher learning.

Higher Education Domain Expertise

With more than 12 years providing services to the higher education sector, ThoughtFocus brings industry expertise and a deep understanding of the sector to bear on every engagement. With more than 30 active university clients and experience with multi-campus university systems, ThoughtFocus is your expert and trusted partner.

Full Range Of Services

From A to Z, ThoughtFocus provides and supports your entire range of technology. From Peoplesoft, and Salesforce to Adobe Experience Manager and advanced applications of AI/ML technologies, you can rely on ThoughtFocus to help you achieve a better future faster.

Centers Of Excellence

ThoughtFocus is internally organized into multiple technology Centers of Excellence (CoE), including a PeopleSoft, Salesforce, and other CoEs that focuses on solution development, process improvement, and development of methodologies for mission focused institutions globally.

Strategic Perspective

Higher education is evolving quickly and we're ready now to help you stay ahead. At ThoughtFocus, we collaborate with you to make sure our accelerated solutions, industry expertise, and curated selection of best-of-breed technology partnerships advance your mission, and your outcomes. Accelerate your future today - with ThoughtFocus.


Accelerate Digital Transformation

Accelerate your success with accelerators and frameworks to help you achieve a better future faster.

A cloud based, cloud agnostic, data analytics solution delivering insights for Student Success.

Facilitate adaptive personalized learning and teaching through data and sentiment analysis to help teachers make data-driven decisions.

AI digital associate ensures the students are (You are) NOT ALONE in their learning journey. Omni Channel, 24x7 presence and contextual human like interaction.

Manage the accreditation lifecycle from end to end. Address compliance, document management, team selection, and site visits.