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StudentSights is a student success analytic platform that improves the campus experience through improved analysis and insights. It helps educational institutions engage students with new digital experiences and provides the insight needed to design services that help students better navigate campus life. StudentSights is also used to identify successful students, target prospects with similar characteristics, and create effective recruiting campaigns. Spend less time on data processing and cleansing, and more time with actionable insights.

With StudentSights, institutions can quickly go beyond static reports and dashboards and transform the student experience with the automation of complex data analysis. By making data timely and more actionable, the movement from insight to action is not accelerated. Want to know what happened, how metrics were achieved and how to improve outcomes? StudentSights delivers the decision intelligence you need to achieve your goals and improve student outcomes.

Want to better understand the capabilities of StudentSights? Request a demo and learn how to

  • Get a complete and singular view of the student across multiple platforms
  • Support degree planning, identification of at-risk students
  • Better measure outcomes across unique student populations
  • Aggregate student performance to build institution-specific predictive models
  • Identify factors that affect students’ likelihood of completing their degrees
  • Understand student class load by risk level and conduct outreach to at-risk students
  • Define predictions for specific student groups and then create outreach to guide students to the right resources

Get in touch to schedule a business-focused discussion of decision intelligence and what it takes to achieve your desired outcomes. Let us show you why your institution needs to evolve beyond simple analytics and take full advantage of decision automation - for faster insights, accelerated business outcomes, and a better student experience.

Learningly is a Learning Analytics Platform that facilitates adaptive learning through data analysis. It provides insightful analytics on Student Engagement, Learner Progress, Instructor Activity.

By analyzing real-time performance data of students, Learningly helps professors adapt their courses to each of their students and track their progress. Learningly also provides rich engagement analytics through different learning ecosystems.

Learningly can be used to consolidate data across multiple LMSs (Learning Management System) - and act as a system of record for all learning data. Or, depending on your use case, Learningly can also be used as a tool that feeds other data into other systems.

Learningly aggregates data about all the learning events and applies sophisticated reporting and analytics capabilities so you better understand:

  • Student Engagement
  • Learner Progress
  • Instructor Activity

Use Learningly to gain deep understanding of the learning happening - and how that learning is help you achieve your desired educational outcomes.

  • TAKE YOUR LMS TO NEW PLACES: With Learningly, you can track learning activity data and report on that data. Unlike your LMS, Learningly works across all your platforms as a single source of reporting, insight, and actionable intelligence
  • EASY TO USE: Learningly is designed for business users and analysts. In fact, Learningly is far easier to use than off-the-shelf BI tools
  • MEASURE WHAT MATTERS: You can’t measure your outcomes without critical KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). Focus on student engagement, learner progress, and instructor activity. Drill down into training, performance, and institutional metrics for even more visibility

As universities seek new ways to reduce the transmission of COVID-19, there are several budget friendly ways to reduce contact points during various transactions.

For institutions that quickly need new operational processes to support remote or reduced contact experiences, ThoughtFocus provides expertise with student forms automation using Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) - a comprehensive content management solution. Adobe Experience Manager combines digital asset management with the power of a content management system and the power of new workflows.

AEM Workflows allow rapid creation of digital workflows such as those used for review and approvals, business process flows, signature workflow, and similar operations. From credit applications, application processing, employee leave approval workflows, or saving a form as a PDF document - the applications are endless.

ThoughtFocus can assist with automating real-world business processes that span multiple software systems, networks, departments, and even organizations.

The shift to distance education has forced universities to re-evaluate operational processes. Remote learning is here to stay. Any tool that can improve operational effectiveness and simultaneously improve the student is of critical importance for CIOs and CTOs in higher education.

As you evaluate digital workflow solutions, ThoughtFocus can help you transform your operational processes and eliminate point solutions. AEM Forms is an end-to-end solution that connects your forms and communications processes, so you can give your students a seamless journey from acquisition through retention.

Need help? Alleviate your IT team’s workload and get to market faster with Adobe Managed Services. Our cloud services, best-in-class tools and Adobe expertise guarantee scalable and secure applications while helping you boost innovation and increase ROI.

Our UX/UI experts can help you redesign the interface for maximum customer satisfaction.

We can even integrate with your other systems to provide a seamless experience to the end user.

Get in touch today and learn how ThoughtFocus and AEM are the perfect partner!

Coming Soon!

We are currently working on this feature and will launch soon!

YANA is an AI-powered enterprise chatbot and live agent system (and so much more) that can help institutions improve student engagement.

YANA is a conversational chatbot, somewhat like Siri and Alexa, but specifically designed to address Higher Education challenges at scale. YANA uses artificial intelligence to answer complex questions relevant to student and administrative services like advising, housing, financial aid, IT support, and campus events. Students get 24×7 access to personalized information that keeps them engaged. Administrative departments can reduce the volume of inquiries during peak periods by using YANA.

YANA enables higher levels of student success and administrative efficiency. Unlike rules-based chat programs that simulate human interaction (using pre-defined conditional rules), YANA is an AI-powered, SaaS-based omni-channel application that functions as tier-one support and autonomously engages students across mobile, social, email, chat, and voice until a human takes over.

Getting started with YANA is easy. In fact, with YANA, an operational proof of concept can be ready for User Acceptance Testing (UAT) within 2 weeks. See for yourself. Request a copy of our proven four stage chatbot deployment roadmap that outlines a simple crawl-walk-run strategy for chatbot deployment success.

Improve student success, see significant staff productivity gains, and unify the student experience.

Stay connected with students – no matter where they are. In hybrid or in-person learning environments, YANA supports voice, SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Webchat and more. Connect all your channels in a single dashboard.


With YANA, you get the ability to provide a customized experience to customers by delivering exactly the content they need.


First tier 24/7 assistance plus the ability to escalate a query to a real person can dramatically reduce staffing requirements in the contact center. When more customer attention is needed, escalation rules move more complex queries into the hands or more experienced staff.


Embed within Salesforce, Zendesk, or any other CRM. Customization is easy – ask about API (Application Program Interface) integrations to pull in inventory data, customers’ past orders, payments, enterprise platforms, and more.


When customers are on your website, they are more receptive to your messaging. Using chatbots to get prospective customers the information they want – when they want can dramatically transform lead generation processes and increase conversion rates.


YANA is 100% cloud. Deploy exactly what you need – when you need it. You have complete control.


When it comes to improving the customer experience with the call center, nothing is better than an immediate and relevant response. With no wait time, customers have answers to their queries fast. Depending on the question, answers can be provided using rich content such as videos and more.


Quantifiable and guaranteed ROI at every phase of the deployment.


By integrating multiple communication channels with the chatbot, students get a seamless experience – whether they are on the website, on their phone, or using a social media chat client. When everything is consistent and unified, students are happier.


Easily create, change, or extend every part of YANA. Connect your existing contact center with new channels – add AI-powered chat, social media, or IVR.


A chatbot is faster and cheaper than developing a cross platform app or integrating with multiple systems. If call volume has increased, a chatbot can quickly handle a large volume of incoming queries – reducing staffing, training, and payroll costs.

Let us show you how YANA can deliver amazing customer experiences, increase your revenue, improve contact center productivity, and shorten the sales process.