Discrete & Process

Discrete manufacturing is where finished distinct products are created and assembled

Business as usual is over.
Are you ready to change the game?

Disruption is going nowhere for discrete and process manufacturers. Amidst supply chain volatility and unpredictable demand, companies are chasing constantly moving targets. Digital transformation is an opportunity to get ahead – but also a challenge your business has to overcome. How do you move from outdated legacy systems to a resilient and responsive digital supply chain?

Innovate for change

Build resilience and flexibility

ThoughtFocus provides a whole new take on innovation, based on decades of experience solving challenges in your industry. We work closely with your business to engineer new value, rethinking processes and technology without reinventing the wheel. Our flexible strategies, services, and solutions help to bulletproof your supply chain and transform change into growth.

Our Unique Advantage

  • Unique technical and industry expertise
  • Expert-led value analysis and engineering
  • Ideal mix of strategy, process, and technology
  • Highly configurable solutions and services
  • Flexible approach with value-driven focus

Our Expertise

ThoughtFocus engineers new value for your business, building resilience and agility across your entire supply network.

BOM Management Solutions

Streamline and integrate BOM data and processes to improve accuracy, enhance decision-making, and optimize productivity. Plan, procure, and produce products with confidence and efficiency.

  • Integrate BOM data across people, processes, and systems
  • Establish a single source of truth to enhance visibility, collaboration, and efficiency.
  • Uncover new value and efficiencies through AI, machine learning, and analytics

Catalog Management

Increase efficiency and optimize user experiences with high-quality, accurate, and well-managed product catalogs.

  • Automatically index and classify products along any relevant set of categories
  • Provide effortless access to detailed information for an unlimited range of users
  • Integrate targeted product documentation, images, models, and other visualizations

IoT and Embedded Value Engineering

Transform manufacturing facilities into smart connected factories. Maximize efficiency and create higher-value products with AI, automation, embedded sensors, and more.

  • Transform outdated products, systems, or devices into smart interconnected IoT solutions
  • Increase operational efficiency while improving performance and driving business value
  • Build solutions to exact specifications, delivering value exactly where it’s needed


Reshape Your Future

Move from technology to transformation with expert-led services tailored to the needs of your business.


Migrate seamlessly to the cloud with a clear roadmap that’s built around your business.


Uncover potential to leverage AI and drive new value from data-driven insights.

Industry X

Optimize and modernize existing systems with IoT and embedded engineering services.


Automate costly manual processes and unleash untapped employee potential.


Add value and optimize costs with our expert development and support services.


Accelerate Digital Transformation

Step into the digital future today with products that address the unique needs of discrete and process.

Create accurate manuals at low cost and high speed.

Streamline BoM processes to optimize production.

Rapidly integrate new devices into your IoT cloud.

Easily connect and manage diverse external devices.

Quickly measure and optimize manufacturing processes.