Seamlessly integrate documents and content with ERP, CRM, and LMS.

Fact sheet  

ContentIT is a connector platform that seamlessly integrates documents and content with systems like ERP, CRM, LMS (Learning Management System), and/or cloud systems.

Content and business processes can be tied together and integrated with external systems for complete document management capability across all platforms.

  • Works with unstructured and structured data
  • Index documents, attachments, and more
  • High-throughput indexing
  • Reduce impact on the source system
  • Respects existing security and permission schemas
  • Source retains master information while the search index contains pointers

Amplify Your Business Potential

One challenge of enterprise document management is aggregating all your document sources (ERP, CMS (Content Management Systems), LMS, etc.) within a single search experience. With ContentIT connected to your preferred search engine, you can rapidly transform the search experience, drive the adoption of information portals, and improve organizational efficiency.

The ContentIT connector platform lets users search for content based on their access levels. Access to content is determined by security from your other systems – this ensures your content is safe when accessed through other portals.

Features include:

Works with both structured and unstructured data.

Works with documents and attachments of all sizes.

Flexible, customer-configurable schema.

High throughput.

Shows only the content that users are permitted to see.

ContentIT Connect retains master info and the search index allows only pointers as representation.

Provides records management capability.

Content caching, lifecycle management, versioning, auditing, bulk processing, classification, retention and holds.

Provides enterprise capabilities such as disaster recovery and internationalization.

Workflow management, workflow analysis, and reporting.

Case Study: A US-based University wanted a straightforward way to bridge silos.

Learn how ThoughtFocus seamlessly integrated documents and content with systems.

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