Mobile application development – accelerate your vision

What do you want to do?
  • Pull key data from your ERP, HCM, SaaS apps, etc.
  • Improve remote workflow with a simplified UX
  • Provide an omnichannel experience
  • Ensure secure, relevant access across devices
  • Enable mobile field service management
Robust application development methodology for a mobile world.

With the rapid adoption of mobile platforms, supporting end customers and employees with mobile and tablet-based solutions is essential. ThoughtFocus helps clients —from start-ups to enterprise organizations—define, develop, and deploy Apple iOS, Android, and HTML5 based solutions to achieve defined business objectives.

Mobile applications projects start by thoroughly defining business goals, followed by comprehensive application design, development, quality control, testing, and maintenance services.

ThoughtFocus will design solutions that efficiently and effectively address defined goals no matter the needs your mobile application must address.


  • Comprehensive understanding of needs for and vision of the application
  • Thorough understanding of the application’s end users
  • Complete review of how application will integrate within the overall digital estate

  • End-users and application objectives are kept at the forefront of the design process
  • Uncluttered and intuitive application designs

  • Application engineered to be fit-for-purpose
  • Streamlined coding

  • Quick and efficient testing processes for all appropriate devices
  • UX/UI testing to assure designs resonate with users

  • Ongoing maintenance
  • Regular bug fixes
  • Updates

  • Ongoing improvements and new features to

  • All current technologies for the engineering of IOS, Android, or cross-platform applications

Extend your backend applications

With the growth in mobile computing, users expect a seamless experience from desktop, to tablets, and then to phones – on the fly, in real time. Let us show you how to simplify your end-user experience and extend your backend applications with unique mobility solutions.

ThoughtFocus offers the entire range of capabilities needed to design, develop, and maintain today’s mobile applications. With our customer’s vision and objectives at the forefront, our designers and engineers collaborate to create robust mobile applications that engage users and deliver needed functionality.